Vapor4 Aluminium Bumpers For iPhone

Vapor4 iPhone bumperThe iPhone 4 has received a lot of press of late. Of course, every Apple device does. But surprise, this time a majority of them have been negative and critical of both the actual issues and Apple’s condescending responses to affected customers.

So what do you do? Returning your iPhone is one option. Buying a bumper that will protect your device is another. ElementCase has just released their latest aluminium bumper for the iPhone. And it looks great too.

Vapor4 comes with an aluminium exterior and the liner on the interior virtually insulates the antenna from the bumper metal to avoid interference. The creators claim to have tested the iPhone 4 bumper by wrapping it in an inch of anodized aluminium and the liner still managed to protect the iPhone from signal reception related issues.

While it is beautiful, protecting and all, it is not cheap. The Vapor4 aluminium bumper costs $80 – an additional $20 if you also want the V4Carbon carbon fiber back plate that will protect the iPhone 4 glass back.

Are you buying this?

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  1. I’d love to have this case. The fact that it costs $100 is a real turn off. You spend $300+ on a new phone and then an additional $100 for a case? Even if you get just the bumper it’s only an additional $80. Seems like a little too much for me. For $50 I’d get it but not at their prices. I’ll wait for a cheap knock off of this to come out and I’ll get that one instead.

  2. I think the case is beautiful but without the huge Vapor Name on the sides. I would have to wait for awesome reviews to come out from many people who preordered and that will take awhile before I even consider it. My $30 black bumper case from Apple is just as pretty. I bought a very expensive case for my 3G from Ivyskin and it got great reviews..but it started peeling in about a month. This case can be “hit or miss”. We will just have to wait and see.

  3. People, the thing here is that you get what you pay for. This is a solid aluminum CNC machined case, that can be anodized, with a real carbon fiber backing. This is literally one of the strongest and coolest cases I have ever seen. The internals of the case are also lined with a material to help from impact and to not scratch the device. If you ask me, this is well worth the money seeing as how it will be going on a $600 to $700 device, depending on which model you have. With a device that costs that much, I want the best protection possible and these little $20 and $30 plastic cases are not cutting it. And plus, if you get it then you can brag about it to your friends about how awesome it is.

  4. I’m totally buying it. Any adult should not worry about a measly $80. If you are over 24 and worry about $80, there is something wrong. If you want it, just buy it!

  5. I can’t remember how many cases I went through with my 3G. I bought an iFrogz case for my 4G and the finish started peeling in under 4 days. I have pre-ordered this case knowing it will probably be the only case I have to buy. In the long run, I will save money. Plus, it is an awesome looking case.

  6. Admittedly $80-100 does seem like a fairly higher than usual price to pay for a cell phone case, BUT…… I’d much quicker fork it out for this CNC Anodized Aluminum case than the Cole Haan Leather case that Apple has chosen to endorse (almost alone with it’s own Bumpers on the website)! Now $129.00 for that makes me feel much better about the value of the Vapor comparatively!!

  7. This case fits the 4 like Astin-Martin fits James Bond. I have also spent $xx.xx on cases to protect my phone, this will the the alpha & omega purchase for my comunication investment. I will take mine Blaq w/carbon fiber please!

  8. This case looks cool but takes away all of your service. I went from 5 bars to 3 the moment I put it on and my speed test was 1880kbps download and 837 kbps upload with out the case. With the case is 976 kbps download and 86 kbps upload. Save your money.

  9. Trevor, Are they even shipping yet, or are you a review troll for another case company? Can you post a pic of you and your shiny new case??

  10. I received mine on the 24th. I pre-ordered it pretty early. Ill post a picture when I get a chance. And I dont work for another case company haha.

  11. Hey Trevor, thats a big pity that the case reduces network speeds etc, I definitely was going to buy this case! Do the extended lips of the case at the bottom affect microphone performance at all?

  12. He doesn’t have the case. He is a troll just trying to stir things up. The case hasn’t even shipped yet. I have been in contact with element and they told me none have even shipped and it is Aug. So I don’t see how he would have one. when there isn’t even one out on review?????

  13. The design is awesome and definately worth the money. I’m on the waiting list which seems to be taking forever to purchase it. I think by the time I get the new bumper the new iPhone will be out in 2011. My only concern about purchasing it is that they have not designed a holster to go with the new bumper for those of us in professional jobs that need to clip the phone on our belt.

  14. I am going to have to agree totally with Trevor. I just finished emailing ElementCase, not even 5 minutes ago from the time I’m posting this, about my issues with my reception going down after putting the case on. I really wanted to like this case, but it just was not what I was expecting. The “high tech foam liner” is really just a couple of pieces of really thin foam that are placed on the corners of the inside of the case and a piece on each side. They didn’t really specify on their site but I understood it to be lined around the whole inside of the case. Like I said, I really wanted to like this case, but until they make some major design changes and actually make a liner that goes around the entire circumference on the inside of the case, I will not use this current vapor 4 and will hopefully be able to return it. I will post again, to see what kind of customer service I get from them about my issue and returning the case.

  15. Element’s website says orders began shipping the week of July 12.

    I received my case yesterday, and I also experience, on average, a two bar drop in signal strength. After installing it, I was no longer able to send or receive calls from the first floor of my house, and I began experiencing dropped calls on the second floor. For you doubters out there, see for yourself. These pictures were all taken at my desk on the first floor of my house.

    I agree the liner was not as advertised. There is nothing high tech about it. It appears to be the same kind of foam rubber used in cheap weatherstripping, and it does not line the entire case. At the time I placed my order, there were photos on element’s website showing a very different liner design that appeared to wrap around the entire inside of the case. These photos seem to have been removed.

    Apart from the reception and liner issues, I like the design and quality. The extension around the microphone and speaker do not cause any apparent sound quality issues. Rather, they keep me from accidentally covering the microphone or speaker accidentally with my finger. The case does make it a little less comfortable for me to rest the bottom edge of the phone on my finger, though.

    I also emailed element, and they agreed to provide me with a full refund.

  16. Trevor, Tony and Dave.

    Thanks for sharing real feedback, the problem online is that everything always appears perfect and everyone shuns on negative feedback.

    I have one on order and is part of the “second batch”, what I found misleading most was the shipping times. When they sent out the preorder ready email to me on 11th August, it stated that it would start shipping 16th August.

    After paying, my order is now 3 weeks outstanding. I asked for an ETA only to get a feedback nearly a week later.

    Coupled with the reception issues, that’s the last straw for me. I’m putting in a cancellation request. Their FAQ has recently been altered to indicate that it may or may not improve or degrade reception. Far from impressed.

  17. Listen to the negative reviews. It murders my reception, and my phone spends a good part of the day with ‘No Service’. It also seriously drains my battery as my phone is constantly searching for a network.

    It’s really unfortunate too, because it is such a nice case. Going through the process of trying to get my money back now.

  18. Yep. I was all giddy when I got my new case today. Three peices of thin rubber glued to the inside of the case. They cover probably 1.5″ of the inside. By no means will it cover the entire surcae of the edges of the phone. So, I Put it on and just like the other said, lost serrvice strength immediately. I will be trying to get either my money back or see if they have a fix. Either way, can’t use it in its current state. Man, I like the case, but can’t see using it becuase of the signal loss.

  19. I bought the vapor case and I was in Oklahoma City and missed several calls and had a weak signal all the time it even seemed hard for my wilson amp to keep the signal. I had the Iphone 4G for two week before I got the vapor case and I didn’t really have any signal problems but like I said this vapor case may look good but it is a signal killer.

  20. Also something a didn’t say was the carbon fiber back is a joke it is a sticker and doesn’t fit in the case very well.

  21. It’s funny about the complaining over 80 bucks. Look on eBay what these cases are going for the the fancy 007 an nickel ones are going for 300.00$ and there’s bids going up. 300.00 dollars for a case. If u use this phone with tmobile firstly non AT&T customers are going to pay minimum 650 bucks fir the phone used. So 100$ isn’t slot for a case but 300. Anyway with tmobile I lost no bars with the case. But because if reading all the negative reviews I bought 1 sided padded 3G tape and razor knifed the tape to line the case with so the whole thing is lined. So… If u have a reception issue. Look for the tonneau 3m single sided padded tape and cut out strips to line the entire thing with and u may be in business.

  22. I’m sorry about the spelling and grammar I was typing from the phone and it auto spelled some words around and I didn’t preread it. But I want to let it be known that 3m tape is worth the $5 bucks to try to help your signal thanks.

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