Users See “Product Activation Failed” Message When Activating Windows Live On WP7

Looks like the mobile platform makers need to take a leaf out of the dotcom biggies and launch all their final releases with a ‘beta‘ tag attached. Such is the number of bugs that have been observed with almost all the major smartphone releases of late including iOS 4, Android 2.2, etc. Now, after we reported about several users seeing their XBox Live Extras crash on their newly purchased Windows Phone 7 handsets comes the news about yet another significant error. Users trying to associate their Windows Live account with their WP7 handset are unable to do so and are instead shown a message that reads, “Product Activation Failed“.

Now if you are in the UK, that’s double whammy because the Microsoft UK Support does not work on weekends and so users are left until support reopens on Monday to take their concerns.