USB Solar Charger For Mobile Phone – Review

A few days back, I had written about the new Monaco Solar Charger that is a great accessory for those of you are keen on using eco-friendly products. Today, I have an opportunity to fiddle with the product and offer my view of the solar charger.

First of all, here is some background on the product. The Monaco Solar Powered battery charger comes with a light-weight solar cell. At 93.5 grams, this is pretty portable and offers a capacity of 1800mAh. The charger has two ports – an input port and an output port. The solar cell comes with a large face that may be kept facing the sun in order to power the solar battery. My room receives a lot of sunlight in the morning and I found the solar cell to be quite sufficiently receptive.
Solar Cell

The cell is illuminated with a red light whenever it is in charging mode, so you know if there is sufficient sunlight around or not. Charging solely via solar power can take quite some time and so if you are also looking for a power line to complement, you can always use the regular adapter that comes in the box.

The Monaco Solar Powered battery charger is compatible with several brands of mobile phones. Though the manufacturers – WirelessGround – have only mentioned Apple, Blackberry, LG, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Palm, Samsung handsets to be compatible, I guess the Monaco solar powered battery charger can be used with any handset that comes equipped with a USB-based dock connector.

The mobile phone solar charger is available at a regular price of $79.95 though it is now tagged at $39.95 on the WirelessGround website. You can check out the specs and purchase details on their website by clicking here.

Here are a few pictures and demonstration video of Monaco mobile phone solar charger
Monaco Solar charger
Monaco iPhone solar charger