Jailbreaking Your PlayStation 3 For Cheap With PS3Key

Jailbreak solutions for your Sony PS3 are aplenty. We already have solutions like PS3Jailbreak and PSGroove that can help you jailbreak your PlayStation. There are also solutions to jailbreak your PlayStation by tethering it to an iPhone, Android, Palm or Nokia handset. If you do not want any of these, then there’s an alternative.

The new PS3Key jailbreak for PlayStation 3 is pretty much similar to the original PS3Jailbreak tool and is a USB plug-in tool. However, significantly, the service is available at a pretty inexpensive €39.99 ($49 approximately) when you compare it with the $170 that you may have to shell out for PS3Jailbreak. PS3Key is presently open for pre-orders and is expected to begin shipping starting the 20th of this month.

All said and done, despite the differing price points, you must note that jailbreaking is risky and can void your warranty and render your console useless. In case of PS3, you can also end up losing your PSN membership since Sony can track the offenders pretty easily. So the risk, pretty evidently, is upon you.