US Cellular Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing & Launch Date Announced

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available on almost all the major carriers in the United States. Now, US Cellular becomes the latest network carrier to announce a Galaxy Tab on their network. According to a press release, the new Android tablet will be available on the carrier starting November 19.

The carrier has taken a distinct route compared to carriers when it comes to pricing and contractual obligations though. Unlike what is offered on the bigger rivals, US Cellular has revealed that users purchasing a Tab from their network will have to be tied to a two year contract. But the company also points out that this will be just for a two year period and users will be free to choose to migrate to another network post that.

The pricing also reflects the alternate path chosen by the company. The Galaxy Tab will be available at a subsidized cost of $399 and can sign to one of the data plans on offer starting at $14.99 a month for 200MB of data to the $54.99 a month plan that doles out 5GB of data.

Interested? Get ready to purchase the tablet on the 19th.