WordPress iPad App To Get Video Upload Functionality

If you are a blogger and is someone who likes to blog from the couch or while you are on the move, then you must surely be a fan of the WordPress mobile apps for iOS, Android or Blackberry platforms. Automattic, the company responsible for the world’s most popular blogging platform; WordPress, has announced an imminent update to their iOS app that will bring video uploading functionality to the iPhone and iPad. The updated app will let users capture videos from their iPhone and upload it to their WordPress blog without having to go through the ritual of uploading it to YouTube and embedding.

Wordpress Video Uploads

While this is definitely an interesting update, Mobiputing reminds us that the iOS app is still a notch lower in functionality in comparison to the Android and Blackberry apps. This is because the iOS app does not have the functionalities like hyperlink buttons, text formatting options including the ability to bold, italicize or underline texts. That’s a pity.