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Unlocking iPhone 4 With Ultrasn0w "Does Work"

Ever since the Apple iPhone 4 was launched last month, a good number of the 1.7 million iPhone 4 users (assuming people stopped buying the device ever since the antenna paranoia broke out) have been waiting to unlock their device and latch on to their favorite wireless carrier.

The iPhone Dev Team has been working on the Ultrasn0w utility for the past few weeks and according to a recent tweet posted by Dev Team hacker @musclenerd, the team is just about to complete the unlocking process for iPhone 4. In short tweets posted recently, he writes,

Good progress on iPhone4 unlock with @planetbeing: <-injected cmd! (Akin to on 3G)

Next step is to keep the task backgrounded like we did for 3G/3GS Backgrounded task is the unlock.

So why has it taken a lot of time? Musclenerd explains that Apple has used a completely new baseband for iPhone 4 that is different from those used on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Hence, the Ultrasn0w unlock will have to completely rewritten.

iPhone unlockers – just hold on. the wait is just about to be over.

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