Unlocked Dell Streak With Android 2.2 To Launch In USA

Those of you looking to get an unlocked SIM-free version of the Dell Streak in the United States may have to wait for just a few more weeks to get your prayers answered. Dell has announced that they shall soon be coming up with such unlocked units for US customers shortly. What more, these handsets are expected to run on Android 2.2 out of the box which is a relief considering that the early adopters of this mega-smartphone or mini-tablet – whatever pleases you better – had to contend with Android 1.6 until now.

You will remember an announcement from earlier this week that noted that Android 2.2 will be coming to Dell Streak starting in the UK by the end of this month followed shortly by its roll out to other parts of the world, including the United States. In all likelihood then, these unlocked Dell Streak handsets should be released just about the same time as Android 2.2 becomes available for the current users in the United States.

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