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How To Hack PS3 Without Losing Your Warranty

Unlocking solutions that will allow you to play backup games on your Sony Playstation are not exactly new. What you primarily do to achieve this is to break into your console unit and tug in a few more chips that will help you play all these games that you need.

Now, that procedure can cost you your warranty and is risky unless you are tech savvy enough. A new unlock solution has emerged that can help you hack into your Sony PS3 that does not require any console breaking which effectively means you will not be losing warranty for attempting such a stuff.

PS3 Jailbreak is a USB based solution that will enable this. Users need to plug in the jailbreak USB to their PS3 and the software application from the USB will unlock your PS3. You can use this method to also play games off other USB sticks.

The most unfortunate part though is the price. It’s not cheap at all. The PS3 Jailbreak Modchip costs a good $169.99 that could be way above the price many users in the PS3 demographic would be willing to pay.

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