Unlimited Data For Verizon Prepaid Plans Announced

Prepaid data plans are not very popular in developed markets like the United States. This is because of the popularity of the phone contracts that help consumers bring down the price of phones in return for signing a two year contract. This is especially since the modern day handsets are priced as high as $400 or $500 if not more.

However, carriers have recently started targeting customers who are on the move by launching prepaid plans that can be purchased for limited time validity and would still offer all the advantages that come with postpaid plans. Recently, I had written about Virgin Mobile offering similar plans.

Following speculations last month, Verizon Wireless has finally launched attractive prepaid plans that come with unlimited data offering. The new plan will cost $30 for a month’s validity and will let users consume as much data as they would need. That’s pretty much what postpaid plans with contract offer. However, if you are a frugal data consumer, you can instead go for a $10 plan that offers 25MB of data.

This is definitely better than the $80 plan for 5GB that we had heard earlier.