Universal Battery Charger For Your Electronic Gadgets

Getting annoyed by the several dangling cables and chargers on your work table? iHome is here to replace all of this with just one hub that will provide you with ports to charge nearly all of your electronic gadgets.

The iHome iB969 comes with a built-in dock for the iPad. Besides this, the hub also contains a couple of universal docks for your iPhone and iPod along with a rubberized “rest area” where you can fit in several other gadgets at home.
iHome universal electronic battery charger
This is pretty awesome if you own a smartphone, tablet, eReader, iPod since it would really declutter the place. But at $129, it is definitely not on the inexpensive side. Nevertheless, if you are really feeling excited about it and want to own one for yourself, click away to the iHome website and order one for youself.

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