Universal Apple Dock To Connect Your iPads, iPhones & iPods

Japanese company PhotoFast is coming up with an innovative way to connect all of your Apple devices – the iPADock. The accessory offers a way to dock two iPads or four phones or a combination of two along with iPod touch, nano and classic. Also, there are seven different USB ports, a memory card reader and slots specifically for the iPad’s camera connection kit. The dock supports multiple OS platforms including Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows Vista and Windows XP so that you can connect your iDevices to either a PC or a Mac. Also, with a data transfer speed of up to 480Mbps, expect some blazingly fast way to transfer data between devices.

iPADock Apple dock

Now for the unfortunate news – the iPADock is launching in Japan in September for a price of $70. There is no info as yet on whether and when this iPad dock will make it to the world outside.