Twitter Business Center : What Is It And How It Works

Twitter has rolled out its newest product : Twitter Business Center that will provide businesses with additional tools to interact with their customers via Twitter.  A handful of businesses have reported to have received an email from Twitter that reads,


Your account has been invited to participate in testing one of Twitter’s newest business-centric features, the Twitter Toolkit. We’ll be rolling it out to you within the next few days (if you don’t have it already) for your business or organization’s Twitter account. To get started, visit your business’ Twitter account settings…

…and look for the “Business” tab. From there you’ll be directed to fill out some information which will help us verify your business or organization.”

What’s In It?

  • Will, for the first time, allow businesses to create ‘Verified Accounts
  • Businesses can choose to receive direct messages from users who the company is not following
  • Allow accounts to add multiple Twitter users as “Contributors” who can tweet on behalf of the business account

How It Works?

The selected businesses may see a ‘Business‘ tab on their account dashboard. Clicking on the link will take the business users to a page with tabs to enter four kinds of details : Overview, Business Info, Verification, Contributors.

Twitter for Business

The businesses may simply click through these tabs to enter the appropriate details to get started

Will It Be Priced?

Currently, the Twitter Business Center is still in its test phase and is being rolled out to specific businesses. The focus is apparently to completely transform the customer service operations of businesses. The service is of course for a fee. But there is no info on either the roll-out date nor the price

[via Mashable]

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