Twitter 2.0 App For Android Phones

The Twitter app 2.0 for android based phones has been released. The new Twitter app 2.0 just comes in the wake of time as all the Android users up to now have been using third party applications that gave them options like Twidroid and Tweetdeck for staying updated. But, these third party applications were no good and twitter has realised the importance of having their own App and have released the new app 2.0.

This new app loads faster, is bug free, possesses a new user interface (UI) and also allows a smooth scroll allowing users to browse through various columns within the app. The swipe left and right options are present for both retweeting and replying to a tweet. Along with these cool updates, Twitter has also included autofill which would deal away with the various typing difficulties.

But, this app is only for Android 2.1 and higher users.