TringMe VoIP App For Blackberry Released

TringMe, the popular VoIP calling service provider is now available on Blackberry. The new Blackberry app will let users make VoIP calls over a Wi-Fi network to contacts around the world. To download the application, Blackberry users may visit and install the application.

TringMe Blackberry VoIP app

To make calls, users may simply surf through their contacts list as they would do with a regular call and choose to call through TringMe using the options. Unlike a few other VoIP clients that require users to call a local number for the call to be connected to the destination, TringMe claims to save on those cellular minutes by routing it through a Wi-Fi network. Of course, if you are not in a Wi-Fi area, you may choose to instead use local minutes to call your contacts from across the globe. Additionally, if both the caller and receiver are TringMe users, the service becomes free to use. Besides calling, Blackberry users may also send text messages using the TringMe VoIP client.

4 replies on “TringMe VoIP App For Blackberry Released”

You know the old saying: “If it sounds too good to be true…”.

Well, it is NOT true that Tringme will allow a Blackberry Bold 9000 on the AT&T network to make WIFI calls!

Not only are WIFI calls not possible; it is also impossible to get Tringme to stand behind their claims! When you find out you CAN NOT MAKE WIFI CALLS and try to get your money back, Tringme will simply tell you to be happy with “other functionality” and use the product as-is “until they come up with a version that works”!!

Save your time and money… DON’T purchase this product if you expect to make WIFI calls; it does NOT work!!

I have installed it and it is running perfectly on WiFi, only thing is that as of now you cannot make Tringme user to tringme user calls. Also this application is FREE so the question of money back does not arise.

Wifi calls worked fine with the 25c credit they gave for free.
Did anyone find a way to make TringMe user to TringMe user calls ? I couldn’t find any documentation for this beside the TringMe’s claim they can do it

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