Toyota eLOT Mobile Application To Aid Car Purchase

Last month, Toyota filed a trademark application for ‘eLOT‘. Probing into the filing offers some interesting insights into some of the future strategies for the company. The application describes eLOT as,

“Computer application software for mobile devices, namely, software to provide information and assistance to consumers about the purchase or lease of vehicles; Downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for consumer use to provide information and assistance in the purchase or lease of vehicles”

I must confess that I do not follow the automotive segment to a great deal and subsequently I am not sure if eLOT is already out (I googled it, and could not find any relevant information). Nevertheless, the description does indicate a possible mobile app for the iPhone, Android and other platforms which will enable people to make surf through the company’s list of vehicles to purchase or lease cars.

Is it already out, people? Sound off in the comments.

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