Toshiba Dynadock W20 Universal Notebook Docking Station Unveiled

Looking for a nice portable universal dock connector for your notebook? Toshiba has unveiled its new Dynadock W20 that is much thinner and lighter than the other universal dock connectors and is thus a great option when you want to connect your notebook to other devices. Did I tell you that this is wireless? Nevertheless, the Dynadock still features a few connectivity USB ports and also ports to let users connect to input/output audio. The Toshiba Dynadock W20 Wireless dock connector allows users to connect their notebook with up to three different desktop monitors.

The device has not launched yet though it should soon be available before the end of this quarter in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. No word on its launch in the US and Asia. Also, the pricing is yet to be confirmed. So hold on for more info.

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