Toshiba Book Place eBook Store Announced

A few months ago, when Steve Jobs was asked about the Kindle, he had apparently replied, “Nobody reads books anymore“. The world listened and took notice. So, it was only Kindle, Nook and a few other eReaders that made it to the market.

Then iPad launched. Steve Jobs said the device was magical and that everyone should read books. The world listened and took notice once again. Ever since, companies are frenetically trying to either launch tablet PCs or eBook stores.

Now, Toshiba has announced that the company is launching a new eBook store named “Book Place“. The ‘place‘ will offer users access to thousands of ebooks using the Blio eReader software. The device is apparently targeted at the company’s home turf in Japan. Features on the Book Place include access to ebooks in full-color and text-only mode, ability to add voice and text notes and translation to and from English on your PC.

While it has not been stated, we presume that the store will come pre-installed on all Toshiba computers. Will that make people read? I, for one, wouldn’t.

One thought on “Toshiba Book Place eBook Store Announced”

  1. Toshiba is trying to get it’s hands on a piece of the pie. I for one agree I wouldn’t use it just because it came preloaded on a Toshiba. By the way my alarm clock is a voice of Steve Jobs telling me “it’s time to get up” and I got to listen.

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