Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone

Christmas is right around the corner, so now it’s the right time to pick out some holiday apps for your iPhone. Here are the Christmas apps I personally enjoy, and I hope you’ll also like them.

1. Christmas Wallpapers and Backgrounds

What do we all do before Christmas? Right, we decorate our apartments with Christmas trees and our phones with different Christmas wallpapers and backgrounds. Of course, you can find many winter wallpapers online, but why bother if there is an app for that? From iTunes you can download a free app with a huge collection of HD wallpapers (they’ll look really nice on any Apple device, especially on the bright and high-resolution screen of the new iPhone 4S) and a nice interface to navigate through them.

2. Angry Birds Seasons

Which is one of the most famous games on all platforms now? Right, it’s Angry Birds! The developers of the game have released a special Christmas edition with 25 new levels, and I think this update is a must for all Angry Birds fans, so if you consider yourself one of those, go and get it from iTunes for only $0.99.

3. Tell Santa Claus

This is one of my most favorite Christmas apps. It’s not really a good idea to ask your children directly what Christmas presents they’d like to get, and this app will give your kids the opportunity to speak to Santa directly. Just give them your iPhone, and the app will record what they’re saying to Santa. Pros: you’ll find out what your kids would like to have, and the record will remain a precious memory. Cons: can’t think of any. You can download this app for $0.99 from iTunes.

4. Holiday Cards by Sincerely Ink

I think we all love sending and getting Christmas cards. Yeah, I’m speaking about those paper cards, the real ones. They’re coming into fashion again, and the Holiday Cards app by Sincerely Inc will give you the opportunity to send real Christmas postcards (printed on a good-quality paper at 300dpi resolution) directly from your iPhone. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes, but sending one card will cost you $1.69. Not much, taking into account how happy your friends will be when they receive their postcards!

5.Paper Flakes

Paper Flakes is a cool Christmas app that lets you create virtual paper snowflakes. At the first glance the app seems silly, but the truth is that it’s really very, very fun. Try it and you’ll see. The app costs $0.99 at iTunes, and it’s worth it.