TomTom iPhone App Gets “Navigate To Photo” Feature

Ever since GPS applications became ubiquitous and sometimes free on the smartphones, companies like TomTom have been discovering new ways to stay relevant and on top in this competitive industry. The company has been releasing a number of interesting new features to their iPhone app. Just recently, TomTom introduced a super-responsive navigation system on the iPhone. This was after the company offered support to multitasking and retina display in the earlier iterations.

Following these releases, the company has now introduced another very useful feature – Navigate to Photo. The new feature lets users to pick a geo-tagged photo from their album as the destination and lets TomTom provide directions to the same. The feature is not just innovative, but is also useful in the sense that it allows users to navigate without having to input any of those confusing addresses and street names.

The update is free for existing users. And if you do not have the app yet, be ready to shell out $50 at the US iTunes App Store for purchasing this app.