Pre-Order T-Mobile G2 On Best Buy Starting Today

Best Buy has announced that the pre-orders for the upcoming Android 2.2 handset, the T-Mobile G2 has begun and that the devices will be available in stores for purchase starting October 6. That’s less than one month away.

The new T-Mobile G2 running FroYo will come with a 3.7″ S-TFT WVGA display and is characterized by a unique hinge-type slider design. Besides this, the device will also include a 800MHz Snapdragon processor, 4GB internal memory, an 8GB microSD card that is expandable up to 32GB, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash capabilities. 720p HD video recording functionality is also supported.

TMobile G2 Android 2.2 phone

Speaking about the price, the T-Mobile G2 will come unsubsidized at a rate of $499. However, you may also pre-order a subsidized unit from Best Buy at $199 which of course sets you with a 2 year contract from T-Mobile. That’s pretty much in line with rivals with similar specifications.