TiVo Premiere XL To Bring Facebook And Twitter Feeds To TV

Popular DVR company TiVo launched its new TiVo Premier and TiVo Premiere XL boxes yesterday that will bring a whole lot of new features to your television. Prominently, the integration between web and TV content is even higher with these new products.

However, one of the important introductions yet to be made on TiVo Premiere is its integration to Facebook and Twitter. In a recent interview with ZDNet, TiVo’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy Naveen Chopra indicated that integration with these social networking websites will be the next in line for the company’s strategy. TiVo has already partnered with FrameChannel in this regard. Talking of the partnership, Chopra says,

“It’s a company that allows us to provide some new interactive and social media functionality on the TV set, most notably to people’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s a great example of how people will use Facebook on the television set differently than they’d use it on the PC. we haven’t announced [the date], but we update fairly frequently. What is available now is Pandora, which means you can set it up on your TV in the living room, sit back and listen to music Pandora has chosen for you.”

Social networkers rejoice

[via ZDNet]

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