Tethering For T-Mobile Smartphones Coming Soon

American network provider, T-Mobile is expected to announce a new tethering option for its smartphone subscribers starting early next month. According to a leaked internal T-Mobile memo, the option will be part of a new plan called “Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing Add-On” that will let users connect their smartphones to other internet-supported devices like a laptop or netbook to surf the internet from these devices. It is expected to cost $14.99 a month.

A few points to note from the memo. Firstly, the plan will only be applicable on those HSPA and HSPA+ smartphones that are subscribed to one of the unlimited web plans available at a montly fee of $19.95 or higher. Secondly, if you have already configured your device for tethering in the past, you need to buy a new plan. Finally, the data consumed over tethering will be accounted in the 5GB usage limit. Breaching this, T-Mobile should be throttling your speed.

All of this information is not official however. T-Mobile continues to stay mum over the leak. Expect an official announcement soon.