Get Cheaper Zune Pass Subscription With New Annual Contract

Microsoft has introduced a new 12 month subscription plan for Zune Pass that effectively brings down the overall monthly cost that subscribers pay for the service. What more, with this new subscription plan, Microsoft now offers a better deal for music lovers with Zune Pass than Pandora does with their own offering.

Let’s look into it now. Until now, Microsoft Zune Pass was available at two price points – the $14.99 plan for 1 month subscription and the $44.97 plan for a 3 month subscription. Each of these plans provides unlimited music downloads with the ability to keep 10 songs for yourselves for each month of subscription. Assuming the price per song to be $0.99, these plans will give you $120 worth of songs in a year where the total cost would come out to be close to $180. That makes the annual cost of Zune Pass subscription alone $60.

The new annual subscription offer is provided at $149.90. With the 10 songs per month offer still holding true, the subscription cost now stands at a mere $30 a year when Pandora still costs the user $36 a year.

What do you think? Does this make the Zune Pass subscription all the more attractive?

Free One Month Zune Subscription With Windows Phone 7 Purchase On AT&T

The Windows Phone 7 comes integrated with Zune which is a premium service that is available at a price of $14.99 a month. Now a free subscription to this paid service appears to be the perfect bait for companies to lure customers into buying handsets running Windows Phone 7. After Microsoft announced a 3 month free Zune pass subscription to users who shall pre-order a Windows Phone 7 handset, AT&T has now announced an additional one month of free Zune subscription. While the Microsoft offer is only valid on customers who pre-order a phone unit, the AT&T offer shall be valid on all Windows Phone 7 handsets purchased before the end of this year.

It looks like a perfect bait at least from the perspective of Microsoft. A good number of users who get access to this free service are likely to turn into long term Zune customers and a comprehensive free trial of Zune is a perfect way to lure these customers. What do you think?

Get Zune Pass Free For Three Months With Windows Phone 7 Pre-Order

If you are a voracious music listener, then this offer is something that is a pretty good deal for someone looking to purchase a new phone. As you know, Microsoft announced their new Windows Phone 7 operating system. Now, the company has offered a free three month Zune Pass subscription offer to anyone who pre-orders one of these WP 7 handsets.

What you will need to do is visit this link to be notified of upcoming pre-orders. Once you are notified of one, you may go ahead and place an order in order to receive this free three month Zune Pass. A big disclaimer here – this offer works only for users in the United States.

The offer is not a pretty bad deal. Zune Pass costs $14.99 a month and lets you stream an unlimited number of music from any web browser besides getting an opportunity to store up to 10 songs a month. If you love music, this is a pretty good bargain.

Zune Pass Subscription Price In UK Revealed

Zune Pass – the Microsoft Zune subscription service that allows users to download an unlimited number of tracks during the subscription period as well as permanently retain up to ten music tracks a month is now possibly coming to the UK. A few users in the UK have noticed that they may now purchase a Zune Pass subscription from although it is still not possible to stream music to the Zune PC software using a UK based Windows Live ID.

These are however likely to be ironed out once the subscription service becomes official in the UK – which is expected soon. For now, however, the subscription price is known. To begin with, users may sign up for a free 14-day trial period. Once the trial period is over, users may pick between two subscription periods – A 1 month pass is available at a price of £8.99 while the alternative 3 month subscription Zune Pass is available at a price of £26.97.

Is this price attractive enough?

Zune Pass Subscription Cost To Come Down

Zune Pass, the popular subscription service that allows Zune users to stream music on their Zune portable player may soon see a price cut. An indication towards this was offered by Terry Farrell, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft.

The move comes after Rhapsody, one of the prime rivals for Microsoft in the online music streaming segment announced a price cut on their service which saw users bring down their monthly payment from $14.99 to $10. Microsoft may now match the subscription pricing offered by Rhapsody.

The Zune service, which is now reported to be owned by 2% of American customers, is expected to become available on Windows Phone 7 based smartphones that will release later this year.

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