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Google Chrome Extensions For YouTube, Docs & Calendar Released

Google has announced the release of three new extensions for their Chrome browser that will integrate its offerings with the browser in a much better way. The new extensions are for Google Docs, Calendar and YouTube. The extensions bring easy access to each of these products from the browser window. For instance, installing the Calendar extension will let the user be notified of appointments from the browser. Also, you can check out the directions to a location if the schedules contain references to location.

Similarly, the Google Docs extension helps the user to easily copy and paste images and text from the web clipboard to a Google Docs file. The YouTube extension gives the user direct access to videos from friends besides notifying the user about new updates to their YouTube feed.

You can click and download each of the extensions by using the links below

Google Calendar Extension
Google Docs Extension
YouTube Extension

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Watching YouTube On TV – New Version Of YouTube Leanback Releases

Google has released a new version of YouTube Leanback – a site that the company launched in July of this year to let users “lean back” on the couch to surf through YouTube videos. Now with Google TV all set for release, this new version of Leanback will bring some new tweaks to the service that shall be integrated with Google TV to let users watch videos on their television sets.

One of the primary enhancement is the ability to watch a number of videos that were hitherto unavailable due to licensing issues. This includes a lot of music videos. Also, Leanback now comes with a number of pre-selected channels and playlists that are suitable for television viewing. As you know, some videos; particularly those with lower resolution are not really ideal for television viewing. Perhaps the most important change, from Google’s perspective, is the introduction of new overlay ads. Leanback, that was previously ad-free, will now come with overlay ads similar to the ones that are visible on the normal YouTube videos.

You do not need a Google TV to watch YouTube Leanback. Just hit this link to sit back and surf through the various videos.

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YouTube iPhone App Gets Upgrade In iOS 4.2

For a long time, the native YouTube app on the iPhone has stayed frozen in time. Though the website made a significant decision to replace star-ratings with a Like/Dislike rating back in March this year, successive iterations of iOS that have been released since then have not effected the change to the iPhone app.

That finally changes with the release of iOS 4.2. The new beta version of the upcoming iOS platform has revealed the arrival of the Like/Dislike button to the iPhone. Users viewing YouTube videos on their iPhone shall now be able to synchronize their Like database with YouTube videos they rate on the website or from other internet connected devices.

YouTube Like iPhone App

The new version of iOS is still not available for public download and so you may have to wait until November of this year to check out this new YouTube version.

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Availability Of YouTube App For Windows Phone 7 Confirmed

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is slated for public release on October 11 and one of the lingering doubts that people have is whether this new OS platform will come with dedicated apps to play videos from YouTube. There has not been any confirmation regarding this so far.

However, a new video on YouTube demonstrates the new Windows Phone 7 OS interface and among the several details outlined is the fact that a YouTube video player application does exist in the marketplace. Unlike the iOS platform where the YouTube app is natively available on the platform, users will need to download this application on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Users accessing YouTube videos without the app installed will be shown a message that reads,

Get the app?

To watch this, you need the Video Player for YouTube. Install it now from the marketplace?

Check out the complete video demonstrating Windows Phone 7. The segment of interest is at the absolute end.

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Download YouTube Videos To iPhone, iPod & iPad Using YourTube App

The YouTube terms of service prohibits users from downloading videos from the website. This was a primary reason behind Apple banning the free iPhone app MiTube not so long ago. Now if you are still looking for an alternative, here is an app that will enable the process for you. The YourTube app is available on Cydia for jailbroken users and provides a way to download HD YouTube videos to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Besides this, the application also lets you import these downloaded videos to your iPod app.

Of course, since this is a jailbreak app, non-jailbroken iPhone users cannot access the application. You can of course use one of our jailbreaking guides to get started (unless you have not updated to the latest OS). But do remember that jailbreaking can void your warranty.

The latest update of YourTube is compatible with iPhone 4 and iOS 4 as well and is available at a price of $5. Already own this iPhone app? Then you are eligible for an upgrade at just $1 if you had purchased the older app before July 1.

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YouTube Making Money – To Bring Profit This Year

YouTube – the video sharing service that Google purchased for a whopping $1.65 billion and that is often seen as a liability is finally making a turnaround. According to a report on the New York Times, YouTube is expected to bring a revenue of $450 million that could more than break even for its costs and help the service finally make profit.

Of course annual revenues of close to half a billion is not too significant for a company that makes profits of over 1.5 billion every quarter. But the credit for the turnaround is definitely due and is attributed to the several deals and partnerships that YouTube executives have been putting in place to bring more revenues. YouTube has been signing up for sports streaming partnerships with the likes of the Indian Premier League besides recently signing up with movie studios for online movie streaming.

Given that we are already inching towards the last quarter of the year, the true worth of these new partnerships will only be realized as we step into 2011. Hopefully YouTube makes considerable profits in the next fiscal to justify Google’s decision to purchase the service back in 2006.

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YouTube Rental Movie Streaming Service Coming Soon

Google has been working on several avenues to get a foothold on the entertainment business. While we are still to hear the latest on the company’s venture in the Google TV business, we hear Mountain View is already in talks with major media companies to launch a pay-per-view rental movie streaming service on YouTube. YouTube is already the world’s largest video sharing network and a launch could easily make Google the leader in this segment – ahead of players like Netflix and Hulu.

But Netflix and Hulu are not the biggest losers here. As TechCrunch points out, the loser in the long term could be the traditional cable TV companies that have failed to adapt (or rather stopped from innovating) in order to maintain their ridiculously high profit margins. With the entry of newer internet based movie and TV show streaming services, content producers have started seeing value in licensing their content to these companies and this could turn the tide in the favor of these new-age media companies. TechCrunch notes,

“Cable is vulnerable because for far too long they’ve screwed us all with ridiculous prices for a crapload of content that we simply don’t want. Despite the ever-present promise of a-la-carte pricing, it has never come to fruition. And so our cable bills remain close to (or over) $100 a month. We’re paying for so much stuff we simply don’t want. But we have no choice.”

Do you see value in these arguments?

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Download YouTube Videos To iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch With Free App

iOS applications that allow users to download videos from YouTube to their iPhone or iPod Touch have been available for quite some time on the Cydia jailbreak app store. However, app developer Max Weisel has now released MiTube which is possibly the first official iPhone/iPad app on the Apple App Store that will let users perform the same task.

The newly released app is universal – that works on both the iPhone and iPad – and allows users to download videos of any resolution; including the HD quality videos. The app provides a basic search functionality that will allow users to search YouTube for videos and then lets them stream these clips either in low or high quality besides offering them an option to download it. The downloaded videos reside within the app and may be transferred to the users’ PC or Mac using the iTunes file sharing option.

iPhone app to download youtube videos

The best thing about this app is that this is free. So what are you waiting for – click away to the iTunes store to download the app to your iDevice.

Update: Sorry, looks like it’s gone!

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Yahoo To Launch A 'YouTube For Sports'?

YouTube For Sports‘ – This is plain speculation for the moment. But something of that kind appears to be brewing at the Yahoo Labs. The company has applied for a trademark on the term “Sportstream“.

So what’s a SportStream? The application explains – “Entertainment services, namely, the provision of continuing video segments featuring sports and sports commentary”

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Though YouTube is the largest video sharing websites on the planet, one of the biggest monetization models that Google has unearthed is through the streaming of live sports content. Earlier this year, Google partnered with the Indian Premier League to stream live cricket content across the world.

Now, when it comes to sports content, Yahoo has the edge with close to 36 million monthly visitors to the Yahoo Sports website. A video streaming section on Yahoo Sports can take off really well. Now considering that Yahoo could do this without having to burn the bandwidth that YouTube has to on a daily basis, you will call this a pretty smart move.

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Watch YouTube in 3D On Sony PlayStation 3

Sony is expected to launch a new firmware update to their PlayStation 3 gaming console that will bring support to 3D Blu-ray. According to a presentation delivered by Sony Executive from Europe, Mike Hawking, this upgrade is expected to be delivered to customers by September.

But there are more updates in the pipeline. According to Hawking, Sony PS 3 shall also receive a firmware update that will enable users to watch YouTube in 3D besides being able to view images captured from compatible cameras in 3D. This will however require users to capture photos from cameras that support the .mpo format including the recently launched Sony Cybershot with 3D support.

So there you go. You may soon be able to watch your favorite videos from YouTube on 3D thanks to Sony Playstation 3.