Dell Lightning Technical Specifications And Features

If you thought HTC EVO 4G was a killer, how about this one? Folks at Engadget have just got hold of this new Windows Phone 7 device from Dell that seems to be a much more exciting device than EVO 4G. Here are some important features and tech specs

Dimensions : 64.4 x 121.6 x 14.9 mm
OS : Windows Mobile 7
Processor : 1 GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon
Display : 4.1″ WVGA Samsung OLED
Camera : 5 megapixel with auto-focus and video capture
Storage : 1GB Flash ROM with 512MB DDR SDRAM and 8GB microSD
Flash support : Yes

Launch : Q4 2010 with LTE in Q4 2011

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HTC HD Mini Tech Specs And Features

HTC HD Mini may not be the uber-cool gizmo with all the latest features. It runs on a Windows mobile platform that is soon to be outed with Windows Phone 7. The CPU processing speed is not breathtaking. Nevertheless, the device itself is impressive and should be an ideal handset for a majority of us.

Dimensions : 2.27″ x 4.09″ x 0.46″
Display : 3.2″ 320 x 480 HVGA screen
Platform : Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC Sense UI
Processor : 600 MHz
Internal Memory : 512MB ROM and 384MB RAM
Storage : Up to 32GB microSD
Camera : 5 megapixel with auto focus and widescreen photo capture
Connectivity : Tethering enabled, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Battery : Up to 435 minutes talk time and up to 500 hours of standby time

[via HTC]

HTC Windows 7 Phone To Launch This Year

HTC has been churning out an impressive line of smartphones these days. More impressively, the Taiwan based handset manufacturer has also been diversifying its risks by partnering with more than one platform developer.

Speaking to Forbes in an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou has revealed that his company shall unveil a Windows Phone 7 based handset in the latter half of this year. He said,

“They’re putting in tremendous effort to make Windows Phone 7 very appealing and competitive.”

However, this does not mean HTC will be terminating the manufacture of Windows Classic phones. Chou has insisted that his company sees both the versions of Microsoft’s mobile OS to co-exist in the times ahead.

Meanwhile, HTC is also optimistic on the Android front. While there have been doubts cast on the success of Google’s Nexus One phone, Chou sees the device as a success and feels Nexus One’s innovative design will help HTC garner new business despite how consumers perceive the device.

[Forbes via IntoMobile]

No Multitasking, Copy-Paste On Windows Phone 7

Apple has been ridiculed, abused and hated for the lack of critical features like multitasking on the iPhone. However, over the past two years, the company at least brought in copy-paste functionalities to the iPhone.

Now, it seems like a similar story is set to unfold – with Microsoft. Rumors are that Windows Phone 7 that is expected to roll out in the second half of this year will miss clipboard functionalities as well as complete multi-tasking.  Charlie Kendell from the Microsoft Windows Phone app platform says,

“We do not allow third-party applications running on the phone to execute in the background. We’re poised to support it eventually, but in order to support great battery life and great end-user experience, we’re focusing on the integrated experiences first.”

Looks like Microsoft has got the script totally wrong. The iPhone clicked despite its shortcomings because the smartphone was still in its early stages back then. But today (or six months down the lane when WinMo 7 launches), there are a plethora of smartphones available; some with multitasking and clipboard features enabled. Even the iPhone is rumored to be getting its multitasking feature in a couple of months.

Isn’t Microsoft too late to the party?

[via Wired]

HTC Touch Pro3 Launching In Summer

With Windows Phone 7 handsets expected to launch post September, can we expect smartphones running on the older Windows phones to still be churned out in numbers in the mean while? Rumors say so.

According to unsubstantiated rumors, the third iteration in HTC’s Touch Pro series may be launching in the summer of this year and they are expected to launched in Europe by the third quarter of this year. A forum poster on the XDA Developer forum writes

“Just had a dinner with a friend of mine who is the main distributor for HTC in Europe, and he informed that they will receive the first shipment of Touch Pro3’s this summer and they will be on sale in Europe third quarter of this year. This is my main contact for HTC devices and he arranges a Touch Pro2 for me 4 months before it was officially released…He told me that the device will be much smaller and thinner, and soon he will provide me with the evidence including the full specifications. Do you guys think this would be something you would purchase or would you rather wait for the Windows Phone 7?”

What do you think? Is this likely?

[XDA Developers via BGR]

Xbox 360 Games On iPhone Coming Soon?

Will we get to see Microsoft Xbox 360 games coming to the iPhone? Rumors are that we might actually get to see it happening soon; though Microsoft shall not be the protagonist in this story.

Novell, the Massachusetts based software services corporation is expected to unveil its technology that will make it possible for developers to port their Xbox 360 games to the iPhone and possibly, also the Android handsets.

If this happens, then it could be a major setback to Microsoft that has been known to be banking on portablity of  Xbox 360 to its upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform as a viable selling proposition for this mobile OS that is expected to launch in smartphones later this year.

[via PC World]

LG Panther Is First Windows Phone 7 Handset?

Ever since Microsoft unveiled their new generation mobile OS, there have been a lot of rumors about the Windows Phone 7 based handsets launching in the markets. Though a majority of them are not expected to launch until the holiday shopping season, the earliest to launch is likely to be in September.

It is now rumored that LG, the company expected to come out with the first Windows Phone 7 based handset is likely to name the device Panther. Pretty uninnovative and un-cutesy for a brand that is expected to take on the likes of iPhone and Droid.

How do you like the name? Will you be buying one Tell us in the comments.

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Microsoft Smartphone On Verizon Launching Next Month?

Microsoft’s Project Pink is well and alive according to an inside source. Reuters cites the source as being informed of a Microsoft branded smartphone hitting the US market by “late spring or early summer“.

According to the claims, the phone shall run on Verizon Wireless and shall be targeted at the heavy social networkers. We are not sure of the OS though it is likely to be Windows Phone Classic considering that the newly unveiled Windows Phone 7 series phones are not expected to launch until late this year – earliest by September.

While Microsoft has all along denied these rumors, considering that the expected launch date is just over 10 weeks away, we expect the beans to be spilled sooner than later.

[via Reuters, Gizmodo]

LG To Launch Windows Phone 7 Handset By September?

It is no longer news that Windows Phone 7 based handsets are launching by the end of the year during the holiday season. But the Chinese version of Engadget has cited claims by Hong Kong based LG Mobile that the first set of Windows Phone 7 handsets could launch as early as September and at max be launched by November.

Not only is this well ahead of the originally scheduled launch, but also comes as a surprise following our reports earlier this week that Windows Phone 7 handsets could actually be delayed owing to software issues.

As of now, we have no clue which side of the story is true. So we will just hope for a plain-Vanilla December launch.

[via Engadget]

Android Based Nokia Phone In The Making?

There are rumors doing the rounds that Nokia might finally move away from Symbian and be launching an Android based handset soon. However, the speculation has gained fresh credibility after Greig Williams, Nokia’s General Manager for Alps and South East Europe hinted at the possibility.

In a recent conversation, Williams had indicated that Ovi Maps, Nokia’s free turn-by-turn GPS navigation system shall be available for free on Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets. This does not seem logical unless a Nokia branded Android or Windows handset too is in the making.

What do you think?

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