Blue Bee Windows Mobile 7 Concept Phone Design Features

Microsoft lovers – rue not about the death of kin. A Chinese UI designer named Kingyo has released pictures of a concept phone designed for the Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 platform that Microsoft could take inspiration from.

Blue Bee Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Concept Phone

The futuristic-looking concept phone named Blue Bee is specially integrated with social networking features and exploits the front-side real estate to the maximum by pushing the physical button to the backside of the phone. The Blue Bee ‘back touch’ button is programmed to do several functions like scrolling, moving ‘forward’ or ‘back’ on a webpage or return to the home screen by a double tap.
Blue Bee Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Concept Phone
Blue Bee Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 Concept Phone

You may remember that Apple had filed a patent application for backside touch controls not so long ago. Nevertheless, the concept looks interesting and I would definitely love to buy one of these phones. How about you.

New Windows Mobile Based Nokia Smartphone In Works?

Is a new Windows Mobile 6.5 (or so) based Nokia smartphone in the works? This is a rumor that does not have too much of backing, yet is interesting in the backdrop of a leaked internal presentation that shows “Windows” as one of the platforms that Nokia is working on.

Nokia Windows Smartphone plans

For one, this could as well mean Windows Mobile 7 and not the older classic Windows Mobile OS. And that appears more likely. However, with lack of information in this regard, we will just have to wait and watch if Nokia decides to pursue with WinMo 6.5 one more time. What do you think? Possible?

[via Softpedia]

Windows Mobile 7 To Offer Free GPS Navigation

One more nail lurking over the coffin for GPS navigation companies like TomTom. Rumors are doing the rounds that Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft’s soon to be launched mobile OS might come equipped with a free GPS navigation software that will make the likes of TomTom and Garmin redundant.

Windows Mobile blog, MSMobile makes this claim on their blog stating further that the OS will also bring Zune, Xbox, Bing integration, Games, music, new kernel and new UI.

You might recall that Android already offers free turn-by-turn navigation on their platform and Nokia too has introduced the same with Ovi maps. With Microsoft too jumping ship, it might not be too late before Apple offers a similar software too. For the record, Cupertino acquired maps development company PlaceBase last year and there are speculations over introduction of GPS soon.

Do you think TomTom and the likes have a niche to cater to in this new world order? Let us know what you think.

[MSMobiles via TechTree]

Microsoft Planning To Buy RIM

Rumors about Microsoft launching their Zune phone have been swirling around for quite sometime. It is also speculated that MS would be making an announcement regarding this during the Mobile World Congress later this month.

However, news is in that Microsoft is also considering to buy one of the big guns in the mobile segment – including the biggest of them all, Nokia. However, the most likely candidate is said to be RIM.

Sources close to the All Things Digital blog have revealed that Steve Ballmer has indicated his interest in a buy out of RIM multiple times. No further news is known in this regard other than the fact that Palm is the least likely candidate.

We will keep you updated on this front as and when we see something cooking.

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Is Obsession HTC’s First Windows Mobile 7 Device?

Folks at WMPowerUser claim their sources as saying that HTC Obsession, the company’s much touted 3.7″ AMOLED display smartphone launching later this year shall be launched as HTC Diamond 3, the company’s first phone on Windows Mobile 7.

According to these sources, the device is supposed to be launched in June 2010, though it could be delayed. I’m kind of skeptical on this ¬†one because there are some contradictions here. Just recently, there were reports about Windows Mobile 7 powered handsets launching as late as Q4 of this year. In fact, the report claimed the manufacturers to be getting accessing to the OS not before September 2010.

Considering the launch dates could be put off by as much as two quarters, it is not really clear if HTC would want to wait until then to launch a WinMo 7 powered handset or would be launching Obsession on WinMo 6.5.

What do you think?

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