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Best OS For Tablets – Windows 7 Vs. iOS

Dissing out tablet OS platforms while comparing them with the iPad OS is a popular pastime among bloggers. But as this video comparison shows, Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS on a ‘Hanvon‘ slate actually seems to be doing a great job compared to the iOS on iPad. As you can see from the video embedded below, the response time to various actions, web page load times, video caching all appears to be much quicker on Windows 7.

Now this does not effectively mean that Windows 7 is the ideal platform. There are a few areas where the OS platform needs to be tuned to suit a touchscreen-based hardware better. You will notice that accessing the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook looks to be a tad more roundabout than accessing the Mail app on iPad.

Nevertheless, if there is one thing that needs to be understood, it is that there are some really good iPad alternatives out in the wild and that are in the pipeline. So, if you are actually planning to buy a tablet for yourself, hold back, make a much serious research on alternatives before you throw in your money in an Apple Store.


Eros Tablet Features And Price Review

The Chinese are making hay with the newly found tablet craze in the US and the west. Another Chinese company has come up with a tablet PC that promises to offer some admirable specs in return for a few hundred dollars. But unlike the several others who have gone for an Android platform, the new Eros tablet is expected to come on a Windows 7 platform.

So this is what you will receive – A 11.6-inches resistive touchscreen display that will be packed with 1366×768 pixels, a 160GB hard drive storage, 1GB of internal memory and connectivity ports for HDMI, VGA, USB besides an SD card reader. The device offers a choice of processor between an Intel Atom N450 and Intel Celeron SU2300. Also, you may pick between Intel GMA 3150 (w/Atom), NVIDIA ION 2 (w/Atom), GMA 4500MHD (w/Celeron) for the GPU.

Eros Tablet

There is no word on when it will launch outside China. But the price definitely appears to be somewhere between $440 and $600.

No wonder the device has wonderful specs. But I would rather spend half a grand on something that’s better known. My personal take, of course.


HP Mini 5103 Netbook Review Of Features, Price And Launch

Hewlett Packard has been quietly churning out a number of HP Minis in recent times. Just in the past few weeks, we have written about HP Mini 100e, HP Mini 210 and HP Mini 110. Now, it looks like yet another Mini is on the works. This time, it is a revamp of the older HP Mini 5102.

The new HP Mini 5103 is expected to come with a choice between the 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455 and 1.86GHz Intel Atom N475 processors. Other specifications include a powerful 2GB DDR3 SDRAM, a storage capacity of up to 320GB, integrated 2-megapixel webcam and a 10.1-inches LED backlit screen with a choice between WSVGA widescreen and a HD display.

Other features that the new HP Mini 5103 is reported to contain include an accelerometer to shut the computer off in the event of a fall, a magnesium alloy case, an optional touchscreen display, optional solid state disk and a choice of OS platforms that include Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Starter and SUSE Linux. The device is also expected to offer an optional Broadcom HD video accelerator to support full high definition playback of videos.

The device is presently going to be available only in the European market. Price range is noted to be between €482 and €597 in Italy. No word on launch outside in regions including the United States and Asia.


LG X140 Netbook Features Review – Launch In Asia & Middle East

It’s raining netbooks of late and the latest to drop in is the new LG X140 from Korea. The netbook is yet another machine running the Microsoft Windows 7 OS – something that appears to be the flavor of the season and is powered by Intel’s Atom N475 1.83GHz processor.

The display measures 10.1-inches and comes packed with a 1366×768 pixel resolution. Other specifications include a 1GB internal memory for RAM, a hard drive that comes with a capacity of 320GB and a multitouch trackpad.

Speaking of power backup, expect a good 9 hours of battery life with the six cell battery on the LG X140. The netbook also includes other standard features like support for Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth.

There are three colors to pick from – pink, white and black all of which are priced at a starting cost of around $500. But if you are around the US or Europe, don’t expect the device to launch anytime now. The launch is first expected to happen in Asia and the Middle East.


Dell Inspiron M101z Price And Technical Specification Review

We have not talked a lot about the Dell Inspiron series in the past few weeks. In May this year, there was talk about the new Dell Inspiron M301z laptop which was noted to run on AMD’s Nile line of processors. Now, here is another laptop from the Inspiron series which carries a lot of similar specifications.

The Dell Inspiron M101z has launched on the online stores now at a price of $584 – that’s in the UK market. At that price, customers can expect to get hold of a 11.6-inches TLF WLED display that renders at a 1366×768 pixel resolution. You may choose between two processors – AMD Athlon II Neo Single Core Processors or AMD Athlon II Neo Single Dual processors. Other specifications include a 8GB internal memory, 500GB hard disk storage, 1.3-megapixel camera and graphics powered by ATI integrated RS880M chip. The laptop shall come integrated with Windows 7 OS and will include all the other regular connectivity and networking features.

Does that sound interesting?


Toshiba SmartPad Tablet PC Launch In September?

Mark Whittard – the Marketing Director at Toshiba made a rather uncanny reference to a new Toshiba Smartpad that is on the company’s manufacturing pipeline for the year. According to him, the new Toshiba Smartpad would be a touchscreen tablet PC that will launch during the September or October time scale.

That’s less than two months away. But we are still to hear comprehensive details with respect to the technical specifications or price. It is assumed that the device may run on Google’s Android OS or Microsoft’s Windows 7 platform. The prototype that Whittard revealed appears to include HDMI and USB ports which means users can get comprehensive access to multimedia. It is also believed that the Toshiba Smartpad will be equipped with a digitizer and have the famed iPad-esque multitouch capability.

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Age Of Average Workplace Computer : 4.4 Years & Running Windows XP

It’s the proverbial half-glass-full scenario. At the recent Microsoft Worldwide partners conference, Tammi Reller, the CVP of Microsoft Windows has revealed that nearly 74% of the present day workplace PCs run Windows XP – the nearly decade old Windows Operating System which has since then been replaced by Windows Vista and now Windows 7.

It’s not necessarily because consumers are wary of the newly launched Windows 7. Rather, it is probably due to the fact that workplace computers have a longer usage life and at an average age of 4.4 years, most of these computers are presumably seen to have more lifetime – enough to have Windows 7 waiting.

While Windows Vista was indeed available close to 4 years back, the operating system did not fare well in the market because of several reported bugs that made many manufacturers to install their computers with the older XP. Also, with Windows 7 requiring higher processing speed, it is likely that these old PCs may not sustain the processing requirements of the latest OS.

So as for Microsoft, it is still seeing this as an opportunity to expand their growth. Steve Ballmer expects 350 million Windows 7 licenses to be sold in 2010.

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Number Of Windows 7 Licenses Sold Crosses 150 Million

Microsoft has announced that the company has sold over 150 million copies of Windows 7 ever since the new operating system was launched in October 2009. With a selling rate of close to 1 license every second, Microsoft claims that Windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system in history.

The announcement comes exactly two months after Redmond announced the sale of 100 million licenses. Exclaiming that the success has been largely due to the interest shown in the latest OS among corporates, the Microsoft blog reads,

“Approximately 75 percent of enterprises are looking at Windows 7 for their organization, and of course people continue to be excited about the features and benefits of Windows 7, and the PCs that our partners are delivering for Windows 7”

The company expects to sell close to 300 million licenses by the end of this year.

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No Windows XP On Netbooks From October

Microsoft has made a couple of important announcements with respect to their older Windows XP desktop platform. First is the news that support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 shall end on July 13, 2010. Users wishing to continue receiving support must soon upgrade to Windows XP SP 3 to continue receiving support till April 2014.

Another important news is that Microsoft has sent reminders to OEMs to stop pre-installing Microsoft Windows XP on new netbooks beginning October of this year. The move is aimed at migrating customers to a newer Windows 7 platform. With Microsoft’s focus moving towards its latest OS, continuing the distribution of its older XP platform may lead to defragmentation worries in the future.

However, not everyone is happy. OEMs are worried that replacing Windows XP with Windows 7 may increase the cost of the final product that will eventually hit them on the sale volumes. Also, Windows 7 will require the use of more advance processors which will eventually drive prices up. That could be disastrous for the netbook segment which is already feeling the pinch due to the arrival of tablets in the market.

[via ZDNet]


MSI Slatebook Launch And Price Revealed?

MSI is expected to launch its new Intel Zxxx range of processors enabled tablet PC next month at Computex. According to the company chairman, Joseph Hsu, the MSI Slatebook shall launch in USA and Europe by the third quarter of 2010 through partnerships with local network carriers.

The MSI Slatebook will run on Windows 7 and will come with multi-touch enabled touchscreen, USB & HDMI ports, integrated 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity. While we are still unsure over the exact Intel Z series processors being used, the price of the device is rumored to be in the sub-$500 range.

[via DigiTimes]