Verizon MiFi Plan For iPad To Take On AT&T 3G

A leaked memo from Verizon has revealed the company’s plans to target customers looking to buy Apple iPad’s 3G version which comes with an exclusive AT&T data plan. The memo apparently is to convince customers to sign up for Verizon’s MiFi device that comes with a Verizon data plan.

Considering that a good chunk of iPad customers are likely to go for the Wi-Fi only version of the device, Verizon is apparently looking to communicate the message that the Wi-Fi only version of the device is not AT&T exclusive and can be used to access hotspots from Verizon as well.

Taking a potshot at AT&T, the memo reads

“Why pay more for the 3G version and get 3G service on an overloaded network with limited coverage?”

[via Engadget]

China iPhone Users To Get Wi-Fi Soon?

When the iPhone launched in China last year, one of the most talked about issues was the device’s lack of Wi-Fi. Apple had released an iPhone model without Wi-Fi in order to comply with local laws that outlawed Wi-Fi and instead insisted on a local standard called WAPI.

While the Chinese government has since then softened its ‘No WiFi’ stand, it now appears that Apple could be launching a conventional Wi-Fi supported iPhone later this summer in the country. Earlier this week,  Chang Xiaobin, Chairman of China Unicom, the company that sells the iPhone in China had said

“I know that in the market there is hope we will offer an iPhone with Wi-Fi … We have been holding talks with Apple in this area.”

It is however not clear if these iPhones will also support the local WAPI standard.

[via iPhonAsia]