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Buy Palm Pre 2 In UK Starting This Week

Palm fans in the UK will have another reason to cheer this Friday. Hewlett Packard has confirmed that the next generation Palm Pre 2 will be hitting the English market on Friday, November 12. The phone will available SIM-free which means those who can afford it, can choose to go without a carrier contract.

The Palm Pre 2 as you know comes with some very pretty specifications including a 1GHz processor, a 5-Megapixel camera and a sleek design. More importantly, the Pre 2 will feature the next generation webOS 2.0 software that brings True Multitasking, a feature called Just Type that lets the user compose messages without having to open an app, HP Synergy and integration with other prominent third party applications like Skype, Flash 10.1, TextAssist, Facebook 2.0 and QuickOffice Mobile Suite.

Will you be going for this one?

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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 For Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian & MeeGo Announced

Apple may hate it and make it sound like this is the worst thing to have happened to the smartphone platform. But that hasn’t stopped Adobe Flash Player from becoming one of the most popular applications on the Android platform with close to 50,000 users having rated it 4.5 out of 5.

Following this success, Adobe Flash Player seems to be headed to the rest of the smartphone platforms. At the Adobe MAX developer conference, the company has announced that the popular multimedia player will be available for Blackberry OS, WebOS 2.0, LiMo, MeeGo, Symbian OS and future versions of Windows Phone moving forward. There is simply no word on when this support will be made available. But at least, this is one battle that Apple has to fight alone. Adobe Flash, it appears, is not making way for HTML5 anytime soon.

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HP Tablet To Be Called PalmPad?

The headline of this post can be a little misleading in the sense that this is not actually a new thing. Hewlett Packard filed for the trademark for ‘PalmPad’ back in July this year that have got us speculating that this could be one possible name for the upcoming webOS tablet. However, the rumors just got a major boost when Todd Bradley, an Executive Vice President at HP seemed to confirm the news. In a statement over the company’s upcoming products, Bradley said,

We’ve already announced the expansion of our future product portfolio well beyond smartphones. We’ll have a webOS-powered PalmPad that will be set for release early in 2011.”

Of course this is not a confirmation of rumors since PalmPad has been prominently been used to reference the upcoming tablet and hence Bradley may simply be playing to the gallery. Nevertheless, with an official acknowledgement of this name, it only makes sense to hold this as the most likely name until HP announces otherwise.


HP Slate To Be Called PalmPad?

Most of you would know, and possibly awaiting, the new tablet PC from the stables of Hewlett Packard. So far, we have only heard it being referenced plainly as the HP Slate. However, it now appears that the company may be looking at calling the new webOS tablet as the PalmPad.

Folks at PreCentral have dug out information from the USPTO files that reveals that the computer manufacturer has filed for the trademark for “PalmPad“. Describing the product, the applicants write,

Computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and mobile computers, PDAs, electronic notepads, mobile digital electronic devices”

The upcoming HP PalmPad (or Slate) has been frequently in the news of late. Earlier this month, there were reports that Hewlett Packard may have tabled their plans to launch multi-platform tablet devices and may have instead chosen to go ahead with a WebOS based tablet alone. While these rumors are yet to be confirmed, the latest trademark filing just gives us hope that we may be nearing the launch date pretty soon.


A HP WebOS Netbook Not In The Radar

Just a few days back, Hewlett Packard CEO, Mark Hurd said that he wanted to see WebOS expand from being just a smartphone OS to reach newer form factors including tablets and printers.

Now, will that mean a WebOS based netbook is on the cards too? A report on Liliputing disagrees. In a recently published post, the website claims that a WebOS based netbook may sort of confuse the customers because people expect netbook to do all that a laptop does and that may not be possible if it is a WebOS based device. Brad from Liliputing writes,

“I’ve long suspected that a hurdle smartbooks and other Linux-based netbooks have to overcome is the fact that they look like laptops. And people expect laptops to do certain things — like run the applications they’ve been running on PC or Mac computers for ages including Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and so on.”

While the argument makes complete sense, I would still like a WebOS netbook simply for the sake of having more options. And there is certainly a market for this – a netbook, as it is obvious, is primarily to surf the internet and need not run Photoshop!

[via Liliputing]

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WebOS Tablet : HP Hurricane Launch In Q3

There have been several rumors over the past couple of weeks that Hewlett Packard may have just killed their much anticipated HP Slate. Other rumors pointed out to the Windows 7 OS being replaced. None of them have been confirmed so far.

However, Examiner now reveals from “industry insiders” that HP may actually be replacing the HP Slate with a WebOS based tablet; HP Hurricane,  that could launch in the third quarter of this year. Examiner points out that not only will this vindicate HP’s acquisition of Palm earlier this month, but will also improve the processing speed of its tablet device. Paul Mueller, a LA based industry analyst speaks of HP Slate,

“It is a really interesting device, but runs as slow as a turtle. I think they could have had something with a faster processor, but that would have led to less battery life than the Slate already had. If rumors of this tablet are true, this can be a killer device–webOS is an outstanding operating system for a tablet.”

Killer device – hopefully and it better be it.

[via Examiner]

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Palm Pre Plus For Verizon Vs. AT&T

Verizon has abused, insulted and humiliated AT&T in its ads over the past few months and it is time for some unexpected rebuttal. An anonymous tipster who has gotten hold of a yet-to-be-released Palm Pre Plus for AT&T has revealed that the new handset is comparitively much faster than what was seen on Verizon.

But wait, the credit does not go to AT&T though. The new Palm Pre Plus on AT&T runs WebOS 1.4.2 which accounts for some of the speed increase. Also, considering that the new device does not have much of preloaded information at the moment, the device may appear faster. The tipster has however noted that the QWERTY keyboard is super responsive.

AT&T should still be a happy network though.

[via PreCentral]

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Palm Elan TouchScreen Phone Coming To AT&T?

Ok, first and foremost, we are not still sure if “Elan” is the name of an upcoming model from Palm or if this is a codeword for something that exists already. But rumors are in that AT&T has been testing on this WebOS handset due for release in the first half of May.

You might recall that we had written about WebOS coming to AT&T last month. Back then, the speculations were that Palm Pre and Pixi could be the models coming to Ma Bell. The new name doing the rounds is expected to be a completely touchscreen phone with soft keyboard – much like the iPhone or Nexus One.

We hope this rumor turns out to be true. You can then expect the Palm handset to be out on AT&T stores on May 10.

[via PreCentral]

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Palm WebOS 1.4 Launching Feb 25

The next version of Palm’s WebOS platform could be out this week. According to sources from Verizon that folks at PreCentral quote, the “hard date” for the release of WebOS 1.4 is scheduled for Feb 25.

The release shall happen over-the-air for 100,000 devices at a time. What’s new in this version? PreCentral note the following

  • Enable video recording
  • Flash 10.1 compatibility
  • Improved speed
  • Turn on LED alert by default

[via PreCentral]

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Palm WebOS On T-Mobile Soon?

Folks at Boy Genius Report are reporting that T-Mobile is in the final stages of discussion with Palm over bringing a WebOS based smartphone to their network soon.

The details regarding this are pretty sketchy at the moment and not much is known. However, BGR speculates that it could be a Palm Pixi kind handset, though at this moment it is anyone’s guess.

We will bring you an update on this as and when it happens.

[via BGR]