Now Buy HTC EVO Shift 4G At Radio Shack, Best Buy & Sam’s Club

After a week or two of speculation, the new HTC EVO Shift 4G is now finally available for purchase over a Sprint network. This FroYo running device can now be purchased at one of the Best Buy, Sam’s Club or Radio Shack stores at the earlier speculated price of $149. This is with a two year contract.

I do not know if this was all a planned leak, but it definitely appears to be so. We first got to know about the price of this new Android handset from a leaked Best Buy inventory snapshot. This was soon followed by a leak from the stables of Wal-Mart that gave us an idea about the tech specs that this device will come equipped with. And finally, the launch date was captured via a Radio Shack memo yesterday. That completes all the three retailers that the EVO Shift will be available on starting today.

Price Of iPhone 4 At Sam’s Club Drops To Under $150

Still undecided about what smartphone to go for this shopping season? How about an iPhone 4? Sam’s Club, it is learned, is offering brand new iPhone 4 units to customers at a price of $147. If you are looking for something cheaper than that, you could also check out the iPhone 3GS at $47. Of course, these prices come with usual caveats about signing a two year contract with AT&T.

Sam’s Club – a members-only retail chain in the United States operated by Wal-Mart – announced their foray into the iPhone segment few weeks back. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS units have until now been sold at the retail price of $199 and $99 respectively. The $52 cut in price is sure to get a lot of customers who are yet to finalize their Christmas purchases interested.

What about you? Are you buying one as well?

New 1GB Prepaid Data Plan From Virgin Mobile Announced

If you are tight on budget and would like to buy wireless data plan at an affordable price, Virgin Mobile has an offering for you. The company has added a new prepaid data plan option to its Broadband2Go offering that will give users access to 1GB of data at a monthly price of $20. The new plan sits nicely between the 400MB $10 and unlimited $40 plan that is already on offer.

But there is a catch here. The option will be available exclusively on Wal-Mart and is only available to customers who have purchased a Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 device or Ovation MC760 USB device from a Wal-Mart store.

In case you are planning to buy one of these devices, then do remember to check them out at Wal-Mart and also sign up for this new wireless data plan from Virgin Mobile.

Wal-Mart Black Friday Deal – $100 Gift Cards With Smartphone Purchase

Are you looking at buying a smartphone for one of your near and dear ones? Then why not check out one of these devices from Wal-Mart? The popular discount store in the United States is running a new offer ahead of Thanksgiving in the country for purchase of smartphones. Starting November 17 and running till 25th, customers can walk into one of the WalMart stores in their neighborhood and buy a Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, LG or Motorola phone and win a $100 gift card. Quite a handy deal considering a number of Android devices are available at sub-$200 price points and so this is quite a deal.

In case you missed it, HTC HD7 is available on Wal-Mart as well and so that is one phone you could look at. It is not clear whether the deal, named “smart phone Hot Item 2010” is available for online customers though.

Pre-Order HTC HD7 On T-Mobile From Wal-Mart – Pricing Announced

Windows Phone 7 fans in the US eagerly awaiting to get hold of the soon-to-launch HTC HD7 handsets can now begin pre-ordering the device from Wal-Mart. The popular discount retailer has announced that the new smartphone will be available at a price of $149 along with a T-Mobile contract. That is pretty cheap if you will realize that going through T-Mobile directly will cost the buyer an additional $50. Wal-Mart should be launching the device officially on November 8 – that’s just a week away.

You wouldn’t need this, but in case you are wondering about the specs and features on this new device, well, it comes with a 1GHz processor, a 512MB RAM, 720p video recording facility and a decent 16GB storage capacity. While the features are more or less on par with most other smartphones in the market today, do note that they are relatively better simply because the Windows Phone 7 OS is better optimised for performance which means a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM work better on a WP7 phone than on another OS.

Buy Facebook Credits From Wal-Mart & Best Buy Soon

Want to invest in your virtual farm but do not have sufficient Facebook credits? You can soon buy them during your weekly groceries shopping at Wal-Mart. The Facebook Credits card will soon be available in the impulse section of both Wal-Mart and Best Buy that will let consumers in the United States to buy credits to replenish their virtual cash on Facebook – something that can come of use in over 200 games and applications.

This is however not something new. Another popular American retailer, Target has been stocking such cards since September of this year and it has apparently been a successful experiment. Customers looking for such cards will be able to buy them at denominations of between $5 and $50. This is definitely an interesting move and something that could push more people to spend money on Facebook apps.

You Can Buy iPhone On Target & Wal-Mart Sam’s Club Soon

After the iPad hit the retail shelves at Wal-Mart and Target earlier, it looks like it is now the turn of the iPhone to do the same. Sources have now indicated that the popular retail chain, Target, should start stocking the iPhone at close to 850 of their stores before the holiday shopping season kicks off. This is being done with the help of Radio Shack. In fact, the company has been running a pilot program for the sale of iPhones on Target stores since October last year in close to 100 of the company’s stores.

In addition to Target, the iPhone is also expected to hit the shelves of Wal-Mart’s membership-exclusive chain, Sam’s Club. This is no speculation but a direct confirmation from the company during the recently held quarterly earnings call. The date of launch is not known as yet though.

Apple iPad On Wal-Mart Starting Next Week

You saw this coming, didn’t you? After Apple expanded the retail presence of its popular tablet by bringing it to the Amazon online store and to Target, now word is in that the iPad could be making it to the shelves of the popular American discount store, Wal-Mart. That could be as early as next week. According to reports on MacRumors, the popular chain shall be stocking the iPad in as many as 1000 of their retail outlets with 800 more outlets expected to sell the iPad in time for the holiday shopping season next year.

There is a bit of disappointment though. Users may not be getting any actual discount on the retail price at Wal-Mart. Spy shots that MacRumors has gotten hold of shows that the price of the iPad models are pretty much the same as they are available elsewhere – between $499 and $829. Nevertheless, there is a likelihood for discounts to be made available after the iPad gets some real competition from the Galaxy Tab as well as when the shopping season gets into full flow. Hopefully.

Walmart To Sell Google Nexus One Phone?

When Google announced their foray into the smartphone business with the launch of Nexus One earlier this month, they also brought a new distribution model. The Nexus One was sold solely via the Google website cutting off the middlemen in the process.

However, it now appears that the handset could also reach the shelves of Walmart. Folks at AndroidandMe have noticed Nexus One being listed as ‘Coming Soon’ at the Walmart Wireless website. What’s more the 3G network specs of the Nexus One indicates possible support for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint though as we know currently, the device is only available on T-Mobile.

It is not clear if the device would be actually be put on the shelves or will be available through Walmart’s website. For now, we presume only the latter is likely since getting the device to the shelves on Walmart would require a new supply chain strategy to be worked out which the company has apparently not brought about so far.

Check out the page yourself and let us know what you think?

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