VUDU 3D Movie Streaming To Start Next Week

VUDU, the Wal-Mart owned internet based movie streaming service in United States will start running 3D movies starting next week. Announcing this on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company has noted that the new portfolio of movies will be available on any of the 3D-supported television boxes without the need for any additional software.

The available screening resolutions will include SD (480p), HD (720p) and HDX  (1080p). The bandwidth requirements for 3D streaming are not too different from those for 2D streaming. Supported devices include HDTV from the likes of LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Philips, Toshiba in addition to Sony PlayStation 3, VIZIO and Boxee Box.

The VUDU press release does not give us any details about the new titles on offer. Also, details regarding the price are not available at the moment. We expect the company to make these revelations when they commence 3D streaming next week.

VUDU HD Movie Streaming On PS3 Launching

VUDU has announced the launch of a redesigned user interface that is better optimized for HD televisions with wide aspect ratios. This new UI of the popular movie rental service, dubbed VUDU 2.0, comes with a tabbed interface that will allow for better organization. Besides the launch, the company has also announced that high definition movie streaming will soon be enabled for PlayStation 3. According to a media statement from the company, the new HD video streaming on PS3 will include HD, HDX and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

What’s more, the new incorporation of the new VUDU 2.0 UI will mean users can also make use of the PS3 motion controllers like PlayStation Move to navigate through menu options.

The high definition movie streaming facility for PS3 console is expected to be made available from November 23. Are you looking forward to this?

Vudu Movie Prices Slashed To Take On Netflix, iTunes

Movie rental service, Vudu, has launched an aggressive new campaign to take on competition from the likes of Netflix and Apple in the movie rental space by dropping the price of movie rentals to a new low. Starting soon, Vudu customers will be able to rent 4000 popular movies at a price of $2 a movie. That is a pretty steep drop that competitors will find difficult to replicate. These rented movies can be watched over a 48 hour period right from the point of first playback. Vudu movies can either be watched over the Vudu Box or streamed online over televisions and Blu-Ray players with such a facility.

While this is impressive, I am skeptical about the service taking off. Firstly, Vudu has noted that this offer will only last till new year. Considering that a good number of Vudu users will prefer to take the Vudu Box route to watch movies, the investment on a box is high seeing the timeframe of the offer. Streaming movies should however see brisk sales and it will be interesting to see whether and how Apple and Netflix react.