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VLC Media Player For Android Launching Soon

The VLC media player has, for a long time, been one of the most popular applications for viewing media files. This is given the fact that it supports almost every media format. Now, it is being learnt that a VLC media player app for Android could be rolling out soon.

According to Jean-Baptiste Kempf, a VLC developer, it is just a matter of weeks before the application is released on the Android platform. The development work is noted to have been in progress for a long time. Although initial work was hampered due to software limitations on the Android front, work seems to have picked up pace once an updated version of the Android NDK was released earlier this month.

Kempft has indicated that most of the VLC libraries have already been ported to Android and that specific device issues could be the only reason that could delay the launch further. Let’s hope a public release happens very soon.

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Blackberry VLC Remote Control App Turns Blackberry Into Remote Control

Are you the kind who connects your computer to a telly while watching a movie? Then if you are a Blackberry user, this app is definitely worth checking out. The Blackberry VLC Remote Control app lets users to turn their Blackberry phones into a remote control to access VLC media files on the computer. VLC, as you know, is an open standard media application that virtually runs all media formats and is thus one of the most popular softwares to play videos.

The VLC Remote Control app is capable of performing a number of functions including browsing the hard drive for media files, play, navigate using play/next/RW-FW controls,etc. All of this is achieved over the wireless network and so the entire process is quite efficient.

The Blackberry VLC Remote Control app is now available for purchase at a price of $0.99 at the App Word. You can check the app by clicking here.

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VLC Player For iPad & iPhone May Be Banned

Here is some sad news. VLC Player, the popular media player application that can run almost every file format may be removed from the App Store soon. The application made its way in just last week. It is said that this is because the application violates the GNU General Public License that the software is distributed under. These licenses stipulate that any software under GNU must be capable of being copied freely and distributed by the user. But with the Apple App Store, every app is stamped with DRM that makes it impossible for such sharing to take place. In other words, such a GNU-licensed app cannot make it to the App Store.

The copyright infringement complaint in this regard was filed by Rémi Denis-Courmont; an original developer of the VLC player. The iPhone app remains on the App Store as of now. But that can change pretty soon.

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Watch AVI & QuickTime Movies On iPad With VLC Media Player App

Apple has been acting pretty benevolent in recent times with a modified App Store policy. The company has now approved the VLC Media Player app for iPad that will let users watch movie files that are not compatible with the iTunes format on their iPad. A month back, this may have been unthinkable. But ever since Apple made a move to get friendlier with the app developer community, things appear to have changed.

But this is no voluntary benevolence. Speculations are that Apple may be acting to protect itself from the prying eyes of the government who have been accusing Apple of being too closed for healthy competition. Another speculation is that Apple is trying to win back developers that it seems to be losing to the Android platform that has been growing in popularity over the past one year.

Either way, this is happy news for users. Check out the free VLC media player app on the App Store by clicking here.