Kaspersky Anti-Virus Website Caught Sending Malware To Users

How ironic! The website of the popular anti-virus service provider Kaspersky has been compromised by hackers who reportedly pushed malware to Kaspersky users for more than three and a half hours before it was brought under control. This is not the first time Kaspersky has fallen prey to malicious hackers. The website has fallen prey close to 36 times since 2000 and the most recent hack before this one was in early 2009 when a security lapse resulted in hackers getting access to the back-end database of the website.

In a statement released now, Kaspersky has admitted to the hack but has noted that no secure information was compromised.

“The website was simulating a Windows XP Explorer window and a popup window showing scanning process on the local computer and offering the user a fake antivirus program to install. The domain was making these redirections for 3.5 hours in total.”

Scan Your Mobile Phone For Virus From A Computer With PC2Mobile Scan

Earlier this week, an Android Trojan was discovered by Kaspersky labs and was traced to Russia. Just a day earlier, BBC had published a report on how easy it was to create spyware applications for smartphones. Now, if you are scared of having contracted a virus on a mobile phone and wondering how to remove it, the PC2Mobile scan should come of help.

Developed by India-based Quick Heal technologies, this is the first of its kind virus scanner that will let users scan their mobile phone for virus by connecting it to a computer via cable or Bluetooth. The application was launched in May this year and now supports close to 550 different mobile handsets made by Asus, Apple, Fujitsu, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, etc.

The PC2Mobile scan software is available as part of Quick Heal’s Total Security 2010 suite that is priced at Rs. 2,000 ($43 apprx.)

International Number Dialing Windows Mobile 6.5 Virus Discovered

Is your mobile phone running Windows Mobile 6.5? Do you have your mobile phone waking up every now and then to make a random international call? Wait, your phone has contracted a virus. And folks at XDA Developers have now inferred that the virus has been spreading to mobile phones through the download of a game titled “3D Anti Terrorist

To be fair, the original 3D Anti Terrorist game is a shareware demo which requires users to pay. However, the creators of the virus have published a freeware version of the same that installs the virus on to you rmobile phone.

If your mobile phone appears to contain the virus, click here to view the fixes for the same.

[via XDA Developers]