Watch 3D Movies On Demand In UK With New Service

Virgin Media has launched a new 3D Movies On Demand service for its television subscribers in the United Kingdom that will bring on-demand 3D movies to the subscribers’ living rooms. The service is a logical extension given that the company’s set-top boxes are already 3D-ready. Viewers will however need a 3D-compatible television and 3D goggles to relish the experience.

The first movie to be made part of this new offering is StreetDance 3D that will available for a 24-hour rental period at £5.99. Other movies that are expected to become available over the course of the next few months shall be Garfield’s Pet Force 3D, Disney’s A Christmas Carol 3D, Step Up 3D and Despicable Me 3D. These movies shall release starting next month and before early 2011.

It’s not a lot of movies at the moment. But Virgin Media has said that they will be working on increasing their portfolio. Nevertheless, if you are a Virgin Media customer, you can go ahead and check out these movies as and when they are released.

Gaming Acquired By Virgin?

We heard a few days back that Richard Branson owned Virgin Group may relaunch in the gaming segment with the launch of an “online only” gaming destination built over  “acquired technology“.

Now more details are emerging over Virgin’s gaming ambitions. Folks at MaxConsole seem to have done some smart investigative work to have discovered that the Virgin Group may have acquired an online gaming portal named WorldGaming is a website where Playstation and Xbox gamers can challenge each other in the popular games and in return win cashes and prizes.

While it is not clear if this is all that Virgin plans to do, at least we now have an idea that Virgin is not looking at an independent gaming destination but plans to integrate the existing gaming console users to create something on top of it.

[via MaxConsole]

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Virgin Games To Relaunch Next Month?

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group may be making a comeback to the gaming segment. According to reports on MCV, the company is likely to relaunch Virgin Games during the E3 event at Los Angeles next month. Richard Branson is rumored to be personally attending the event.

According to unnamed sources MCV spoke to, the games are noted to be “online only” and shall be built over acquired technology. However, Virgin is expected to make the games compatible across all the leading gaming console platforms. That would help Virgin tap the networks built through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, as well as multi-player PC gaming.

[via MCV]