HTC Merge Release Date Set For Today?

Today is the Droid Incredible relaunch party at Seattle when HTC and Verizon will get together for a “Cabaret party” that is mostly about, as you would guess, a new version of HTC Droid Incredible. But rumors are also doing the rounds that the two companies could use the occasion to officially launch the new HTC Merge.

HTC Merge is an Android phone with global network capabilities. That is, though it shall run on Verizon’s CDMA network, the phone will also come with a SIM card slot for GSM connectivity. Apart from this, the phone is expected to carry an 800MHz processor, a 1.3GB internal memory and 363MB RAM. But these are not official specifications and are from a test unit. So, the final specifications – that could probably be announced today – could be that of a much more powerful device.

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HTC Merge

Pictures Of White iPhone 4 On Verizon “Leak”

In the three years that the iPhone has existed, there must have been several dozen Verizon iPhone rumors. Of course, this time, the likelihood for such a phone to launch are pretty bright. We hear AT&T is no longer promoting the iPhone as aggressively as it once used to. But recently leaked pictures do not seem to be the real deal.

For starters, here is the picture of a white Verizon iPhone 4 that has been making the rounds.

White iPhone 4 on Verizon

There are some interesting revelations. First, you can see a modified antenna band on this new iPhone that could possibly solve the Antennagate issue. Second, you will see that there is no slot for a SIM card making it a possible CDMA iPhone (and not GSM that need SIM cards). Thirdly, you can make out the Verizon logo on top.

But what makes me doubt the genuineness of this image leak is the color. From all that we have heard until now, Apple has been having a tough time bringing the white iPhone 4 to the market. This is primarily because of issues with light leakage and glass panels that do not seem to be going along well with the white color. There are speculations that Apple could actually be doing away with a white iPhone 4 and instead be looking at one such model for the next generation model launching mid-next year. Given these circumstances, a white iPhone on Verizon looks pretty unlikely – very much because this CDMA variant could be launching very shortly. What do you think?

Verizon VCast App Store For Droid Incredible Rolling Out Soon

Verizon has announced that a forthcoming update to the HTC Droid Incredible handset will bring the much anticipated V Cast Apps Store to the Android handset. However, the news has already drawn some heavy criticism from several quarters about the carrier’s plans to force the installation of the App Store into the phone. The users may not have a choice to not install the V Cast App Store. Also, it is not clear if Verizon would make it possible for users who may not want the App Store to delete the application from their phone.

Nevertheless, Verizon has made it clear that the installation of the V Cast App Store will not harm the Android market in anyway and that users can continue using the market app for downloading Android applications. But with such attempts by carriers to arm-twist the user into installing applications, the open source nature of Android itself is under a scanner and that cannot be a good news for anyone, but Apple.

Buy Motorola Droid 2 Global On Verizon Stores Now

Motorola Droid 2 Global – the new iteration of Verizon’s Droid 2 phone that was itself launched not more than a couple of months back is already available for purchase from the Verizon stores. This is despite persistent rumors that the device will go on sale starting the 11th of this month. The price point of the Android handset is however consistent with earlier speculation. The Droid 2 Global handset will be available at a price of $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and signing a two year Verizon contract.

The Motorola Droid 2 Global comes with dual GSM/CDMA compatibility and includes a 1.2GHz processor, a 3.7″ WVGA touchscreen, 5-Megapixel camera and will run on Android 2.2 operating system. There is also a white colored variant to pick from and so if you are a fan of such models, this is a phone you should check out. Click here to look out for more details at Verizon’s website.

Verizon Samsung Continuum – Price, Features & Launch Unveiled

Samsung unveiled its new Android 2.1 smartphone – the Continuum at a media event yesterday. The specifications are not entirely new to us – check our features comparison article – though the official announcement has added credibility to all the rumors and speculations that have been doing the rounds so far. In case you missed it, the Samsung Continuum will feature a 3.4″ capacitive touchscreen WVGA display and will run on a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and a 512MB ROM. This is a dual display device with a 1.8″ ticker display beneath the actual display that will display notifications for messages besides updating the user on RSS feed updates, weather information, sports scores, caller info,etc.

The device will be launching on Verizon and you can buy one starting November 11. The price of the Continuum is expected to be around $199 – that is with a $100 mail-in rebate and after you sign a two year contract.

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Verizon Wireless Unlimited Data Plan Details Explained

Late last week, Verizon Wireless announced a new wireless plan that will help the largest carrier in the United States take on competition from its CDMA rival – Sprint. Several customers in select markets are reporting to have received an email from the carrier that offers details on the new plan.

The new Verizon Wireless plan will be very similar to the Everything Data plan offered by Sprint. Available at a monthly cost of $69.99, the plan will give subscribers up to 450 minutes for voice calls besides offering unlimited data, messaging and mobile-to-mobile calls between Verizon phones.

There is one significant difference between the $69.99 plan offered by Sprint and Verizon. While the plan offered on the former includes unlimited calling to mobile phones irrespective of the carrier, Verizon’s offer only includes free calling to mobile phones on Verizon.

This plan will save subscribers close to $20 if they were to pick each of these offers independently. Are you going for one now?

Pre-Order Motorola Droid Pro From Nov 9 – Launch Date Revealed

A couple of weeks back, we had reports that suggested that the Motorola Droid Pro, the upcoming Android offering from Verizon, could be launching on November 11. Now while this date remains unconfirmed unofficially till date, some leaked documents seem to suggest that the first batch of Droid Pro handsets could be out by this date.

According to information published on the documents, the Motorola Droid Pro could start being offered on pre-orders starting November 9 – that’s Tuesday next week. What more, though the official launch date seems to be November 18 (and not Nov 11 as earlier thought), there is also word that the pre-ordered phones could reach customers much earlier than the official launch date. That means the first shipment of Droid Pro devices are likely to be available around the 11th of this month.

Again, this is not gospel truth and just an interpretation of those leaked docs. Anyway, the dates are not far off and so wait for an official word from Verizon about this.

Samsung Continuum Vs. Samsung Fascinate Vs. Droid X Vs. Droid 2 Features Comparison

Verizon has had a lot of success with their Android portfolio in recent times and they are likely to continue churning out more handsets in the foreseeable future as well. Samsung Continuum, the next big Android phone from the South Korean giant is learned to be launching on November 11th and is in good company of several Android phones that are carried by Verizon. This includes the Fascinate, Droid X, Droid 2 and Droid Incredible. The Droid 2 Global is coming soon as well.

So if you are contemplating a Verizon Android purchase anytime soon, then it makes sense to first look into the specifications of these various handsets before you decide which one you should go for. Click here for a larger picture. As always, tell us your favorite from the phones below.

Samsung Continuum comparison

[via Droid Life]

No Skype Over 3G On Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab

Those of you in the US who want to go with Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab do take note. Your tablets will not come with the ability to use Skype’s voice calling facility over 3G. A recent report on PC Mag notes that the Skype app will come pre-loaded on Verizon’s Galaxy Tab; but this application will only work over Wi-Fi and will not consume any 3G data.

This is interesting from more than one perspective. Firstly, Skype and Verizon have been partners for sometime now after the companies signed a deal last year that brought Skype’s 3G calling feature pre-installed on Verizon phones. The move was to counter the influence of AT&T iPhone that had, at that time, prohibited the use of 3G data by third party VoIP services. Secondly, though Verizon is only selling Wi-Fi versions of the iPad on its stores, these tablets are bundled with a Verizon MiFi device that makes use of the carrier’s 3G network to offer a wireless hotspot for mobile surfing.

Interestingly, other VoIP clients like those from Fring, Nimbuzz and Qik are expected to work over WiFi as well as 3G on the Verizon Galaxy Tab. That makes the absence of 3G Skype on the Verizon Tab all the more intriguing.

Price Of Motorola Droid 2, HTC Incredible Slashed – Buy One Get One

There has been so much noise over the past few days over the imminent launch of the Droid 2 Global. Now while this has remained a rumor until now, recent developments indicate that this launch could happen pretty soon. Verizon has slashed the price of the Motorola Droid 2 – a phone that debuted less than three months ago. The retail price now stands at $150 and what more, there is also a Buy-One-Get-One-Free offer running so Verizon can deplete the Droid 2 inventory in time for the Droid 2 Global launch.

Apparently, it is not just Droid 2 that is seeing a drop in prices. HTC Incredible, aka the Droid Incredible, too is seeing a drop in price. This pretty handset now sells for $150 and this is again pretty indicative of a new launch – presumably the Droid Incredible HD. For what it’s worth, that phone is expected to launch later this month on November 23.

If you love the Droid phones and is not someone who is planning to travel outside the United States in the near-term, then now is the time to go and purchase your favorite handsets for cheap.