Android 2.2 Update For Samsung Galaxy S In UK Now Out

Android 2.2 has taken a long time coming to the various Android handsets. In a tweet posted recently, Samsung UK has confirmed that the Galaxy S owners in the country will start receiving the latest FroYo update to their phones shortly. As it has always been, the update is being carried out on a gradual basis with all owners likely to be updated with the latest OS by the end of this month.

The update shall not be over-the-air and shall be supported over the Samsung Kies software for PC. Users will need to download the latest version of Kies to support the update. You can download this application by clicking here.

Android 2.2 will bring a number of new features to the Galaxy S handsets in UK. Most importantly, users will now be able to access Adobe Flash content on their mobile phones. Also, support for mobile hotspot is available on the platform with this update.

Price Of Mac Mini In UK Lowered By £50 – Mainland Europe Sees Drop Too

Apple devices always make news when they are launched because of the crowds that they draw. However, there are products in the Apple line up that do not draw the crowds and also do not stay hot all the world over. Mac mini is one of them. This desktop computer with a small form factor was first launched in 2005 with the latest model launching in January 2010 at a price of $699 in the United States, €799 in Europe and £649 in the United Kingdom.

Now, it looks like the demand for the device has waned off; at least in Europe. Apple has quite silently announced a significant price cut for the device in the European market. Starting now, Apple customers in the UK can get hold of a Mac mini at a price of £599 while those in the rest of Europe can buy the entry level model at €699. That’s a drop of £50 and €100 respectively in these markets. Prices in USA stay the same.

Pricing Of Nokia N8 On Vodafone UK Announced

Vodafone users in the United Kingdom can now get hold of the latest smartphone from the Finnish technology giant. The new Nokia N8 will now be available on Vodafone UK at zero upfront cost. But that is along with a two year contract where you will pay £30 a month. There are also higher monthly plans for £35, £40 and £45 for the same contract period where you will get commensurately higher data limit and voice minutes. If you are looking at a smaller monthly expenditure, you should check out the £25 per month plan. This comes with 100 minutes of talktime, 500MB of data and 500 free texts. But to subscribe to this plan, you will have to pay a £99 upfront cost.

Vodafone enjoys exclusivity on the new Nokia N8 in UK at the moment. So if you want a slice of this Nokia fun, head over to the Vodafone store in your neighborhood or to the website here and make your purchase.

Android 2.2 For Samsung Galaxy S Users In UK Coming Early November

If you are one of those Samsung Galaxy S users in the United Kingdom patiently awaiting your turn to get the Android 2.2 update, the good news is that this new update is coming in early November. A recent tweet posted by Samsung UK reads,

“The Froyo upgrade will be available in the UK from early November and we expect all operator versions to be available by the end of November”

That is some clearly worded announcement. But then it is still not clear how early in November you can expect this update. Nevertheless, expect Samsung to start rolling out the update to at least a select few users within the first two days of the month.

The rollout of FroYo to Samsung Galaxy S users in UK would mean that these users will finally get the highly anticipated features like mobile hotspot and Adobe Flash on their mobile devices. Does that get you excited?

Official List Of Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories Announced (With Prices)

Those of you looking forward to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab can also choose to buy one of the several new accessories that come with the Android tablet. Samsung has officially unveiled a dozen accessories that can complement the Galaxy Tab at home, work or on travel. Like the tablet itself, the accessories too are priced pretty steeply. But then, that was expected, right?

Here is a list of accessories, and their prices for the UK market where the Galaxy Tab is set to release in ten days from now.

  • Keyboard dock with charger and audio jack for £69.99
  • Multimedia Desk Dock with HDMI jack and 3.5mm speaker jack for £39.99
  • Notebook/Stand case made of leather which can be used to prop up the Tab for £29.99
  • Leather Slip case for £24.99
  • D30 Silicon/Gel case for £19.99
  • Portable Speakers for £19.99
  • Headphones in black or white for £19.99
  • Samsung High Speed Class 4 2GB to 8GB MicroSDHC memory cards for £8.99 to £23.99
  • Travel Adapter for the UK for £34.99
  • USB Data cable for £14.99
  • TV-out cable for £14.99
  • In-car charger for £24.99

Is there anything in the list that you are so eager to get?

HTC Desire HD In UK – Price & Availability Announced

HTC Desire HD, one of the two recently launched Android devices from the Taiwanese manufacturer has finally hit the virtual shelves of the UK stores. The 4.3″ WVGA display device that comes with an 8-Megapixel camera, 1GHz processor, 1.5 GB internal storage, Android 2.2 OS and integration with will at present be available only on the web stores and have be ordered online.

There are three stores where you can head rightaway to buy – uSwitch, Expansys and At uSwitch and Expansys, customers can choose to pick the HTC Desire HD at anywhere between £0 and £499 depending on the corresponding carrier contract and monthly payment chosen. At the higher price, you can get it unlocked. But do note that in case you choose to buy a SIM-free version, go for uSwitch since the device is available at £465. The Android phone is available for pre-orders only at though the launch is expected to happen soon on October 25.

Are you buying one?

Pre-Order Samsung Omnia 7 On T-Mobile UK – Pricing Announced

If you are in the UK and have come to love the new Windows Phone 7 operating system, here is something that you would love to hear. Samsung Omnia 7, the first Windows Phone 7 handset for UK is now available on pre-order. T-Mobile UK, the carrier that will offer the connectivity in the market will make the device available at a price of anywhere between £0 and £300.00. As you guessed it, the difference here will be in the price.

Subscribers looking for a free handset will have to sign up for a two year contract for a monthly cost of £35 at least. On the other hand, customers looking for a cheaper monthly plan can get the device at £300.00 and need to only pay £10 a month.

Pre-orders are now open on the T-Mobile UK website that you can access by clicking here. Orange and 3 customers may note that the phone is coming up for sale on these networks as well.

LOVEFiLM UK Movie Streaming Service For PS3 Announced

Quite a few movie streaming services have been heading to gaming consoles in recent times thanks to the growing popularity of web streaming via these consoles. The latest in this list is LOVEFiLM, the popular DVD rentals plus streaming service operating out of London. According to reports on SlashGear,  the service may soon be launching on Sony PlayStation 3 to allow these users to stream movies directly from their console on to a television. This service will be integrated with all the other platforms that LOVEFiLM operates upon which means that subscribers will need to only pay the monthly subscription fee between £3.99 and £5.99 for access.

LOVEFiLM is a company that is owned partly by Amazon. Last month, there were speculations that Amazon was looking at a complete acquisition of the UK company in a bid to boost their presence in the UK and Europe market. We have not heard much about it since then.

Price Of Acer Aspire One Happy In UK Announced

Remember Acer Aspire One Happy – the rebranded version of Acer Aspire One D255 that comes with a 10.1″ display, a 1.5GHz Intel Atom N550 processor, a 1GB RAM and a 160GB hard drive? Well, word is that this colorful series of mini-laptops is now making its way into the United Kingdom.

According to reports, the device is set to be priced at £250 which is something close to the $400 mark in the US. The Acer Aspire One Happy laptop is expected to come with a dual-boot operating system that would include Windows 7 as well as Google Android 2.1. The device that goes on sale in UK is also expected to offer up to 250GB of storage and up to 2GB of internal memory. That’s definitely a lot. The computer is expected to come in four different colored lids – pink, purple, lime green and light blue.

Samsung Windows Phone 7 Device Launch In UK On October 21?

While there has been a lot of discussion lately regarding the launch date of the Windows Phone 7 operating system, there has been no real word about when the actual handsets will be available to the consumers. Looks like the phones too will be launched alongside the official release of the OS. Sounds like a no-brainer right now, but then you never know. A new post on Engadget however removes the wrap on the official release dates for the first batch of Windows Phone 7 handsets as it gets hold of a document that reveals that a Three UK Samsung handset running Windows Phone 7 is going to be released on October 21.

While the document does not say anything about the device manufacturer, the note however reads that the display shall be Super AMOLED and will come with a 5-Megapixel camera and a 4″ display. That is probably indicative of Samsung Cetus, but we will still wait for an official announcement to confirm.