T-Mobile UK Mobile Internet Fair Usage Policy Revised

T-Mobile UK has made a significant change to their mobile internet policy that will affect the way their customers will use their mobile bandwidth. The carrier has announced that starting February 1, 2011, the fair use policy will entail only 500MB of data consumption to each subscriber.

The policy is targeted at users who consume a lot of videos over their smartphones. In a blunt statement to customers who may be annoyed by the latest policy change, T-Mobile UK has said,

“If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband.”

T-Mobile’s new policy would mean that users who like to browse news, surf the web, check emails and Facebook updates may still be largely unaffected. However, users who also watch a lot of videos may find themselves quickly breaching the fair usage limits.

This massive drop from 3GB to 500MB is sure to come as shock to many of the carrier’s subscribers. Are you one of them? Tell us what you think of this new policy change in the comments below.

Google Mobile

Google Nexus S In UK – Shipping Delayed

Looks like Carphone Warehouse hasn’t got enough units of Nexus S stocked in their stores yet. It has been announced that the shipping of the Nexus S has been delayed and the new Android 3.0 phones will now be available only from December 22. This is an issue that has affected not just online orders. Even retail purchases are likely to stay limited to only “key stores” of Carphone.

Having said that, the delay should not come as a surprise anymore considering that Carphone Warehouse had only recently announced a massive slashing of the Nexus S prices. You should be aware that the SIM-free version of the device will now cost users £429.99 instead of £549.99. Also, those users buying the phone on contract will now be allowed to sign up for contracts as low as £30 per month.

Have you got your shipment notification yet? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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Google Nexus S Price In UK Slashed

Google Nexus S launches in the UK today and you should already know, this will be the first smartphone to sport the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. If you haven’t purchased a Nexus S and are contemplating a buy, you should do it soon.

Carphone Warehouse, Google’s retail partner in the UK has announced that they are dropping the price of the Nexus S. The phone, which was earlier available SIM-free at a price of £549.99 can now be purchased for just £429.99. Also, if you are one looking for contracts, you still get it for free as you did earlier. However, the minimum data package plan that one required to sign up with has been changed from the £35 package to the £30 plan.

But do remember that new purchases shall be back-ordered which means it can take them a little while before the device is shipped to your address. In any case, if you are interested to make a purchase, head over to the Carphone website and pre-order now.


Download Free Movies & Music From iTunes With Special Giveaway

If you are in Europe, then you are in for some luck this holiday season. Apple has announced a special Christmas giveaway that will begin on December 26th and will run for twelve days until January 6, 2011. During this period, European iTunes users shall be eligible for one free download every single day. The downloads may be one of movies, songs, apps, books, TV episodes or music videos.

Announcing the “12 Days. 12 Free Downloads“, Apple UK has noted that each of these free giveaways will be offered strictly for a 24 hour period. Apple is also expected to launch an iPhone app for the giveaway season that will presumably prompt users with the free giveaway everyday. Interested users can also sign up for email  alerts at this website.

There is no word whether this offer will extend outside Europe to North America or Asia.

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Pre-Order Nexus S In The UK Now

It was only yesterday that Best Buy had posted a clarification stating that they will not be opening up for Nexus S pre-orders and that all interested customers must line up on December 16th to secure a device. Now if you are in the UK, you have got more luck.

Carphone Warehouse, one of Google’s retail partners in the United Kingdom has announced that their stores are now open for Nexus S pre-orders. As noted already, the device will be available starting December 20 and can be purchased free of contract at a price of £549.99. Those of you looking for a subsidy can get the device free of cost along with a 2 year contract where you will be paying £35 monthly. That’s with any carrier of your choice!

Nexus S can be pre-ordered from the retail stores or from the Carphone Warehouse website link.

Apple Software and Apps

iTunes HD Movies Purchase In UK Now Available

Apple has announced that iTunes customers in UK are now eligible to purchase high definition movies directly from the iTunes store. Until now, these customers were only allowed to rent HD movies. Of course, regular titles that were non-HD have already been available for rent and sales since 2008.

At the moment though, it appears that there are not too many HD titles to go with. Apart from The Twilight Saga : Eclipse, there are not too many popular titles available for purchase in the HD format. This portfolio should expand soon though.

The launch comes after a long wait considering that the sale of HD movies in the United States was made available as early as March 2009. Nevertheless, Apple has been typically slow to bring their products to customers outside the United States and this is not very unusual.

Apple Gadgets

iPad On Three UK Launching In "Coming Months"

Apple and its Android rivals have been treading a slightly different strategy when it comes to its distribution strategies. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been made available on most of the carriers of note, Apple has made the iPad available quite selectively.

Now with competition heating up and the launch of iPad 2 a few months away, it looks like Apple would be expanding its distribution reach. UK carrier 3 has just revealed that the carrier would be stocking the original iPad on its stores in the “coming months“. The company has indicated that both the Wi-Fi only model as well as the 3G-enabled model shall be put on sale though the exact launch date has not been revealed.

This should be interesting given that iPad 2 is speculated to launch in April this year. That would mean news about the launch could be announced at least a month before – in March perhaps. Any launch of the original iPad on 3 after this would bring little to no sale since the customers would rather want to wait and buy the newer model. Makes you think an early February launch is possible.


Official Android 2.2 Update For Dell Streak Coming This Month

Last month, we reported that a full-build FroYo Android 2.2 update was available for download on Dell Streak. That however was unofficial and required users to root their handsets. Now, if you have not hacked into your handset yet, you would rather wait for an official release now. Dell UK has announced that the Streak users in the United Kingdom will start receiving an OS update by the end of this month. The company wrote on the Facebook page,

“#DellStreak will begin a rollout of the 2.2 update OTA before the end of Nov. This is happening over a period of time and staggered by region, starting in the UK.You will receive notification of the update directly on your Streak. If you don’t see it before the end of Nov, please be patient as your build may be happening at a later stage.”

The rollout is initially planned for the UK market. But do expect the same to happen elsewhere like in the United States soon after.

Mobile Palm

No Subsidized Palm Pre 2 In UK?

The latest gizmo running webOS 2.0, the Palm Pre 2 went on sale in the UK market yesterday. The phone carries some excellent specifications including a 1GHz processor, a 5-Megapixel camera and a slew of webOS 2.0 features like True Multitasking and Just Type. While the phone is definitely likely to make a Palm fan happy, it appears that the carriers are not too interested about this whole affair.

According to recent reports, none of the major carriers shall be stocking the new Palm device on their stores. Network carriers including Orange and Three UK have remained non-committal while O2; the network that carries Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus has given a definitive reply in the negative. A company representative is quoted as saying,

“The Palm Pre Two will not be available on O2. We offer a range of the best handsets through our product portfolio and regularly review this to ensure it continues to meet the demands of our customers.  We’ve always offered our customers a choice of experiences when they come to buy a new phone and we were excited to add webOS and the Palm Pre to our range. We’re still fans of webOS – the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are available from us today – but won’t be taking the Palm Pre Two”

That’s a big blow for the success of Palm Pre 2 in the English market. Now if you are still looking to buy one device for yourself, get ready to shell out £399 for a SIM-free unit.

Mobile Palm

Buy Palm Pre 2 In UK Starting This Week

Palm fans in the UK will have another reason to cheer this Friday. Hewlett Packard has confirmed that the next generation Palm Pre 2 will be hitting the English market on Friday, November 12. The phone will available SIM-free which means those who can afford it, can choose to go without a carrier contract.

The Palm Pre 2 as you know comes with some very pretty specifications including a 1GHz processor, a 5-Megapixel camera and a sleek design. More importantly, the Pre 2 will feature the next generation webOS 2.0 software that brings True Multitasking, a feature called Just Type that lets the user compose messages without having to open an app, HP Synergy and integration with other prominent third party applications like Skype, Flash 10.1, TextAssist, Facebook 2.0 and QuickOffice Mobile Suite.

Will you be going for this one?