Samsung Epic 4G Source Code Download Released

Samsung has released the official source code for the newly launched Epic 4G that is now available for download from the Samsung Open Source website. Of course, this download file is irrelevant to a wide majority of users who have purchased this latest Android handset from Samsung. But if you are a developer or one who is waiting for a rooting solution to the Samsung Epic, then this is the first step.

If you are curious to check out the source code, you may proceed to the Samsung OpenSource website and hit the ‘Mobile’ link. The Samsung Epic 4G downloads are available under the model number SPH-D700.

Do note that this download link only offers those pieces of code that is shareable under the Open Source agreements. Proprietary pieces of software that includes the Samsung TouchWiz UI are not available in this folder.

How To Disable TouchWiz UI On Samsung Epic And Fascinate

The Samsung TouchWiz UI is great and I personally like the sleek UI controls and navigation. However, if you are one staunch Android fan who does not need the crispy TouchWiz on your Samsung Epic 4G, then you can check out the easy settings modification that will make the stock Android UI for Epic just a drag away. The trick will replace TouchWiz with the stock Android interface as the default launcher. However do remember that this will mean you will no longer be able to access the seven TouchWiz homescreens.

Apparently, this trick will also work on Samsung Fascinate – the Galaxy S series Android handset ┬áthat is launching on Verizon Wireless pretty soon. ┬áSo there you go.

Check out the video below to get through to the instructions.

[via Phandroid]