Toshiba Folio 100 Tablet Features Revealed

We have known about Toshiba’s plans to launch tablet computers for a long time. There were reports about the company’s work on a SmartPad tablet PC last month. The device was expected to feature a multitouch display along with comprehensive multimedia features.

There is now word about a new Android 2.2 tablet named Toshiba Folio 100. The device is learned to have a 10.1-inches multitouch display with 1024×600 pixel resolution, an NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip, 16GB storage space with SDHC card support for 32GB, support for Adobe Flash, 3G, Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth. The device is expected to be equipped with a battery that will offer close to 7 hours of power backup.

The features sound interesting though there are no details available on the price and availability. However, it does sound similar to the Smartpad that was announced last month and it will be interesting to hear more from the company about the new device.


Toshiba Dynadock W20 Universal Notebook Docking Station Unveiled

Looking for a nice portable universal dock connector for your notebook? Toshiba has unveiled its new Dynadock W20 that is much thinner and lighter than the other universal dock connectors and is thus a great option when you want to connect your notebook to other devices. Did I tell you that this is wireless? Nevertheless, the Dynadock still features a few connectivity USB ports and also ports to let users connect to input/output audio. The Toshiba Dynadock W20 Wireless dock connector allows users to connect their notebook with up to three different desktop monitors.

The device has not launched yet though it should soon be available before the end of this quarter in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. No word on its launch in the US and Asia. Also, the pricing is yet to be confirmed. So hold on for more info.


Toshiba Satellite T215D Review Of Specs And Features

Toshiba had released its new Satellite T215D ultra-portable laptop sometime back. The laptop, which LaptopMag calls a “too netbook-like” however comes with specs that can quite comprehensively rival the budget model laptops out in the wild. So what are the features on the Toshiba Satellite T215D like?

The device is primarily small – measuring just 11.2 x 8.2 x 1.0 inches. The laptop is powered by an AMD Athlon II Neo K125 processor running at 1.7GHz and an  ATI Radeon HD 4225 graphics chip. Other features include a 2GB RAM; upgradeable to 4GB, a 250GB SATA hard drive storage, Wi-Fi support with 802.11 b/g/n and a video memory of 256MB. The machine runs on the 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium and is priced at $469.

Personally, I would love such an ultra-portable and with such decent specifications, there is sure to be a good market for this.


Toshiba SmartPad Tablet PC Launch In September?

Mark Whittard – the Marketing Director at Toshiba made a rather uncanny reference to a new Toshiba Smartpad that is on the company’s manufacturing pipeline for the year. According to him, the new Toshiba Smartpad would be a touchscreen tablet PC that will launch during the September or October time scale.

That’s less than two months away. But we are still to hear comprehensive details with respect to the technical specifications or price. It is assumed that the device may run on Google’s Android OS or Microsoft’s Windows 7 platform. The prototype that Whittard revealed appears to include HDMI and USB ports which means users can get comprehensive access to multimedia. It is also believed that the Toshiba Smartpad will be equipped with a digitizer and have the famed iPad-esque multitouch capability.


Toshiba E205-S1904 Satellite Laptop Price And Features

Toshiba is out with its latest E205 energy-saving laptop that has been built in collaboration with Best Buy. The Toshiba E205-S1904 Satellite is part of Best Buy’s ‘Blue Label’ product and offers several impressive features that include the ability to beam videos to a big-screen television and an impressive energy-saving display screen.

Here are some features on the new Toshiba Satellite notebook. The computer comes with a 14.1-inches High Definition LED-backlit display screen. The laptop is powered by the new Intel Core i5 processor and a 4GB RAM that is expandable up to 8GB. You can store up to 500GB of data on the hard drive. The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium OS. The computer has a decent battery life of 3.5 hours.

The laptop is integrated with Intel’s new technology called Wireless Display of WiDi. This technology helps to create a wireless network that will pair up the computer with a NetGear Push2TV receiver that will enable users to push videos from their computer for viewing over a big screen TV. This is really useful for those of you who consume a lot of media.

Toshiba E205-S1904 Satellite laptop is priced at $999 and is available on Best Buy.

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Toshiba Book Place eBook Store Announced

A few months ago, when Steve Jobs was asked about the Kindle, he had apparently replied, “Nobody reads books anymore“. The world listened and took notice. So, it was only Kindle, Nook and a few other eReaders that made it to the market.

Then iPad launched. Steve Jobs said the device was magical and that everyone should read books. The world listened and took notice once again. Ever since, companies are frenetically trying to either launch tablet PCs or eBook stores.

Now, Toshiba has announced that the company is launching a new eBook store named “Book Place“. The ‘place‘ will offer users access to thousands of ebooks using the Blio eReader software. The device is apparently targeted at the company’s home turf in Japan. Features on the Book Place include access to ebooks in full-color and text-only mode, ability to add voice and text notes and translation to and from English on your PC.

While it has not been stated, we presume that the store will come pre-installed on all Toshiba computers. Will that make people read? I, for one, wouldn’t.


Toshiba Libretto W100 Ultra-Mobile Limited Edition Laptop Released

It is 25 years since Toshiba unveiled their first laptop. To mark the anniversary, the Japanese company has unveiled a new dual touchscreen laptop – the Libretto W100. The new Toshiba Libretto laptop has no physical keyboard and users may type on a touchscreen. However, the keyboard offers force feedback to users to offer a physical keyboard experience.

This apart, the presence of two screens would mean users may surf the internet on one screen while checking email on another. Also, the laptop has an accelerometer to let users navigate in portrait and landscape mode.

Other tech specs include a 1024×600 resolution, Intel Pentium U5400 processor, 2GB DDR3 RAM and a 62GB hard drive.

[via VentureBeat]


Toshiba AC100-114 Netbook Tech Specs

The last time we discussed Toshiba here, it was about their massive gaming laptop. As a matter of fact, almost everytime we discussed Toshiba here, it was about their notebooks and laptops and occasionally, it was about their tablet plans.

Today, we hear about a new Android netbook that the company has not talked about. Read through the specs below and you will find one quite impressive device.

Platform : Android OS 2.1
Display : 10.1″ wide SVGA CSV LED Backlight (1024 x 600)
Dimensions : 26.2 x 18.9 x 1.4-2.1 cm
Memory : 512MB DDR2 RAM
GPU : NVIDIA’s Tegra T20 GPU
Storage : 16GB SSD Storage
Connectivity : SDHC card reader, WiFI b/g/n and 10/100 ethernet
Battery : 3-cell, 2,200mAh battery
Camera : 1.3 megapixel

[via SlashGear]


Toshiba Satellite P505 Technical Specifications And Price

The Toshiba Satellite P505 gaming laptop is up for sale. The big 18.4″ laptop was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show early this year and incorporates a long list of highly impressive specs. Here is a gist of the exciting specs on offer

Platform : Windows 7 Home Premium
Display : 18.4 inches LCD (1680 x 945)
Processor : 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 720QM
Memory : 4GB DDR3 RAM
Storage : 500GB SATA HDD
GPU : NVIDIA’s GeForce 310M (512MB)
Battery : 12 cell Lithium Ion
Other features
DVD SuperMulti drive
ExpressCard slot
Integrated memory card reader
4 x USB 2.0

And what do you pay for this? $689. Hop on to the Microsoft Web Store to grab hold of one.

[via I4U]


Toshiba Satellite Pro Tech Specs Announced

Announcements regarding the Toshiba Satellite Pro notebooks have just been announced. The notebook comes with the latest hardware infrastructure that makes it a great deal. Launch – No info is available for the US market as yet, though it has been known that the notebook shall launch in Europe, Africa and Middle East in this quarter itself.

A brief on the technical specifications and features

Platform : Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Dimension : 15.6″ and 17.3″ models
Processor : Intel Core i3, i5 or Dual-Core AMD Athlon II
Display : 1600 x 900 or 1366 x 768 resolution LED backit display
GPU : Mobility Radeon graphics chip or integrated Intel GMA HD graphics
Memory : 8GB RAM
Storage : 500GB hard drive
Optional Blu-ray burner

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