Is An iPhone On T-Mobile Really Coming Soon?

There were reports last week that pointed out that some T-Mobile stores in the United States were stocking up iPhone connector cables on their shelves. There were also reports around the same time that some T-Mobile subscribers had received microSIM cards from the carrier. The logical speculation was that an iPhone on T-Mobile could be coming soon.

But the carrier has blatantly denied these speculations. In a media statement released now, T-Mobile has said,

“Select T-Mobile stores will soon begin carrying iPod/iPhone charge and Sync cables to support customers who may be using an unlocked iPhone or are traveling from outside the United States and using an iPhone while roaming on our network.  T-Mobile carries the iPhone in Europe, so many people traveling to the U.S. roam on our network with their iPhones.  The iPod/iPhone cable also makes a great companion product for our line of MicroUSB charging solutions.”

Well, that does sound logical and justified. But again, what does the company got to say about those microSIMs? We will never know for now.

T-Mobile iPhone Launch Imminent?

There has been so much debate over the CDMA iPhone and its launch on Verizon that not so much bandwidth has been saved for the T-Mobile iPhone story. But that could be happening very soon. A couple of news pieces today seem to be indicating that this launch could be happening shortly.

First, some T-Mobile customers who had mail-ordered for mini SIMs are reported to have received microSIMs instead. As you are aware, the two prominent devices in the American market today that carry the microSIM are the iPad and iPhone 4.

Yet another news item that is doing the rounds is about customers noticing iPhone cables being sold on the T-Mobile stores lately. While this in itself is no absolute proof to claim that the iPhone is landing on T-Mobile soon, we do think that this news, along with the microSIM story, puts the rumor in perspective (Click here to view a slideshow of all our earlier stories about the iPhone launch on Verizon and T-Mobile).

Are you looking forward to an iPhone on T-Mobile?

Buy myTouch 4G At T-Mobile Stores For $199 Now

Following up with the announcement made late last month, T-Mobile has now officially brought the myTouch 4G to their stores. Starting now, you may buy the 3.8″ Android 2.2 touchscreen device at a price of $199.99. That’s the price for those of you who sign up for a two year contract that will cost $30 per month for data alone and additionally $49.99 per month for voice and messaging. A contract-free phone should be available at a price of $449.99 and data/voice plans for these phones start at $59.99 per month.

The T-Mobile myTouch 4G should come with the Sense UI interface that is pretty much the norm on all HTC manufactured smartphones. Additionally, you will also have a 5-Megapixel camera, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities. The phone is available in four colors – namely, black, white, red and plum. Click here to make the purchase online.

New Update To Enable Android Wi-Fi Calling For T-Mobile G2

If you own a T-Mobile G2, you may have been left wondering why you still do not have the much touted Wi-Fi calling functionality on your Android phone when lesser priced models like the Optimus T come with the facility. News is now in that T-Mobile is now rolling out this new functionality to G2 users starting November 3 through an Over-The-Air update. The update is expected to reach all users between the 3rd and 8th of this month.

The OTA for Wi-Fi calling would also bring another much anticipated feature – the ability to set up your G2 as a mobile hotspot and tether other computers. That is significant because the carrier had only recently introduced its new data plans that will bring tethering available to smartphone users. If you are looking for one such plan, you should be ready to shell out $30 a month for the Web Unlimited plan that can be expanded to include tethering services at a cost of $14.99 a month. Details here.

T-Mobile Unlimited Tethering Data Plan Announced

A leaked internal memo from T-Mobile had revealed last week about the imminent launch of an unlimited tethering plan for T-Mobile subscribers. That rumor has turned out to be true as the carrier has now announced this offer at a monthly cost of $14.99. If you didn’t know already, tethering lets you to connect your mobile phone to any other internet capable device like a computer or laptop to surf the web on these devices using the mobile phone’s wireless network.

The tethering plan is however not available to all users. The T-Mobile media statement notes that only subscribers of the $30 a month “Web – Unlimited” plan can avail this offering by paying the additional $14.99 fee. The tethering does not require the user to connect their device to the computer with cables and instead is done wirelessly. In other words, the tethering plan will let users set up their mobile phones as Wi-Fi hotspots.

Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Tab On T-Mobile From Amazon

Looking to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile? Then you should probably hit their retail stores. The device costs $399 with a 2 year contract and is available unsubsidized for $599. But in any case you want to pre-order one right away from Amazon, get ready to shell out $50 more. Amazon has just put up their T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab up for pre-order at $699 – that’s still $50 lower than the original retail price of $749 and is unsubsidized.

So what does the pre-order mean? It means your device won’t arrive until the 10th of November. Amazon notes that the Tab will be officially released on November 9 and give one day for shipping which means you should get the device by the 10th.

The Galaxy Tab is available at a range of different prices depending on where you are purchasing them from. Check out our Galaxy Tab page for the other prices.

Pre-Order HTC HD7 On T-Mobile From Wal-Mart – Pricing Announced

Windows Phone 7 fans in the US eagerly awaiting to get hold of the soon-to-launch HTC HD7 handsets can now begin pre-ordering the device from Wal-Mart. The popular discount retailer has announced that the new smartphone will be available at a price of $149 along with a T-Mobile contract. That is pretty cheap if you will realize that going through T-Mobile directly will cost the buyer an additional $50. Wal-Mart should be launching the device officially on November 8 – that’s just a week away.

You wouldn’t need this, but in case you are wondering about the specs and features on this new device, well, it comes with a 1GHz processor, a 512MB RAM, 720p video recording facility and a decent 16GB storage capacity. While the features are more or less on par with most other smartphones in the market today, do note that they are relatively better simply because the Windows Phone 7 OS is better optimised for performance which means a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM work better on a WP7 phone than on another OS.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Pricing & Launch Announced

Earlier this month, T-Mobile unveiled their new myTouch Android phone. As we had noted back then, the slider phone comes with a 3.8″ WVGA display, a 1GHz SnapDragon processor, a 5-Megapixel rear facing camera and other features like 720p HD video recording, video calling,etc. The device will run on the carrier’s HSPA+ network that will give realistic browsing speeds of up to 14Mbps.

T-Mobile has now announced that myTouch 4G will begin to ship starting November 3. Pricing depends on where you buy it from. Hit the T-Mobile retail stores directly and you will be shelling out $199.99 along with a 2 year contract. On the other hand, third party retailers like WireFly are selling the phone for just $150.

The device will be running Android 2.2 and considering that this is a HTC make, you will be treated to the regular Sense UI on the display.

Tethering For T-Mobile Smartphones Coming Soon

American network provider, T-Mobile is expected to announce a new tethering option for its smartphone subscribers starting early next month. According to a leaked internal T-Mobile memo, the option will be part of a new plan called “Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing Add-On” that will let users connect their smartphones to other internet-supported devices like a laptop or netbook to surf the internet from these devices. It is expected to cost $14.99 a month.

A few points to note from the memo. Firstly, the plan will only be applicable on those HSPA and HSPA+ smartphones that are subscribed to one of the unlimited web plans available at a montly fee of $19.95 or higher. Secondly, if you have already configured your device for tethering in the past, you need to buy a new plan. Finally, the data consumed over tethering will be accounted in the 5GB usage limit. Breaching this, T-Mobile should be throttling your speed.

All of this information is not official however. T-Mobile continues to stay mum over the leak. Expect an official announcement soon.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Launch Date Revealed?

Folks at TmoNews are at it yet again. After we heard from them last week that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab was launching on T-Mobile at an unsubsidized price of $649 and with a two year contract for $349, we are now hearing more details – about the launch date.

According to the website’s sources, T-Mobile could be taking on competition from Verizon quite sneakily by launching their device on November 10 – just a day ahead of the official launch day for the Galaxy Tab on Verizon. The report comes from a leaked screenshot of promo materials that the website was able to conjure up. While this leaked promo material has a TBD (To Be Decided) against the selling price, TmoNews stands by its earlier claims on pricing.

We are less than three weeks away from the rumored dates and so expect some official announcements on this pretty soon. It will be interesting to see what T-Mobile comes up with.