How to Transfer Address Book Contacts To Verizon iPhone 4

We all know how irritating and frustrating it is when it comes to transferring your contacts to a new phone. This post is for all those who have purchased a new Verizon iPhone and are looking for a hassle free method to transfer their phone book from the old phone to the new Verizon iPhone 4.

Here is a short 10 minute tutorial briefing you with instructions on obtaining your address book. This guide is applicable for phones that are supported by 4 American carriers namely AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon and are having an active service on their present phone along with a gmail account (not required for Verizon wireless subscribers.)

Verizon Wireless Phones :

Transferring from an existing Verizon to a Verizon iPhone 4 is almost effortless. Verizon has a free program called Backup Assistant, so just register on Verzion`s website, install and run the application on your old phone first followed by the iPhone 4

Step 1 :

Register for the Backup Assistant application.

Step 2 :

Install it on your phone through the Get It Now store which is for feature phones or the App store for smartphones.

Step 3 :

Now load the software, log in and start backing up your contacts.

Step 4 :

Next, turn off the Wi-Fi radio on your iPhone 4 first as the application works only over a cell connection. Open the app store and install VZ Contact Manager. Now run this program and keep following the onscreen instructions.

Sprint Phones:

To transfer contacts from a Sprint feature phone, you will require a Sprint Mobile Sync and a gmail account. For a Sprint smartphone, only Google Sync is enough.

For Sprint Feature Phones :

Step 1 :

Register for Sprint Mobile Sync.

Step 2 :

Activate the software on your phone by navigating to Main Menu>Settings>Contacts>Mobile Sync>Activate.

Step 3 :

Now log in to Sprint Mobile Sync from your desktop computer and export all your contacts as .CSV file

Step 4 :

Log in to your gmail account and import the .CSV file

Step 5 :

Now install and run Google Sync on your iPhone 4.

For Sprint Smartphones :

All you need to do is just install and run Google Sync on your old phone first followed by installing and running it later on your iPhone 4.

AT&T  Phones :

For phones serviced by AT&T, if its a smartphone, the entire transfer process is free whereas a feature phone will be costing you around $1.99 for AT&T Mobile Backup.

For AT&T Feature Phones :

Step 1 :

Navigate to AT&T`s Mobile Backup Web Site which will be sending a link to your phone for installing the software.

Step 2 :

Load Mobile Backup from your phone and backup all your contacts.

Step 3 :

Log on to AT&T Mobile Backup from your desktop computer and export the contacts as  a .CSV file.

Step 4 :

Now log in to your gmail account and import the .CSV file.

Step 5 :

Lastly, install and run Google Sync on your iPhone 4.

For AT&T Smartphones :

Step 1 :

Install and run Google Sync on your old phone followed by the iPhone 4.

T – Mobile Phones :

Once again, transferring contacts from a smartphone is simpler whereas the same procedure becomes a bit more complex for a feature phone. The companies free contact backing software restricts you from exporting your contacts, but there is still a way to tackle this situation.

For T – Mobile Feature Phones :

Step 1 :

There is a preloaded application called Mobile Backup. Just load it and select “One Time Sync”.

Step 2 :

From your desktop computer, log on to the Mobile Backup Website and follow these instructions for exporting your contacts to a .CSV file.

Step 3 :

Log in to your gmail account and import the .CSV file.

Step 4 :

Now install and run Google Sync on your iPhone 4.

For T – Mobile Smartphones :

Just install and run Google Sync on your smartphone followed by the iPhone 4.

Price Of T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Dropped

This has been a season of discounts for those looking for a Galaxy Tab. Afte Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular dropped the price of the Galaxy Tab on their network, T-Mobile has now announced a massive price drop of the Galaxy Tab on their cellular network. Starting today, the Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile will cost $249.99. While this is just $50 lower than the most recent price of the tablet on their network, this is still a massive drop from the originally retailing price.

It will be worth noting that Sprint had announced earlier this month their decision to slash the price of the Galaxy Tab on their carrier to $299 – with a two year contract. Also, Verizon had announced a $100 price drop at the beginning of the year. With a barrage of Android tablets including Xoom launching in the market, carriers are clearly looking at clearing their Galaxy Tab stocks to prepare themselves for these new launches. It will be interesting to see what Samsung comes up with in order to keep their momentum going.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G Specs Unveiled

Just days after the word got around that T-Mobile was working on launching a new 4G variant of the popular Samsung Vibrant comes an official announcement in this regard. According to a media statement released by the carrier, the new Samsung Galaxy S 4G will be T-Mobile’s first smartphone to be capable of running at thereotical high speeds of 21 Mbps.

Interestingly, T-Mobile has chosen to name the phone Galaxy S 4G instead of the speculated Vibrant 4G. It is probably because of an exclusivity agreement between T-Mobile and Samsung which means a 4G capable Galaxy S phone shall not ply on other carriers at least in the near term.

The specs of the phone are likely to be similar to any other Galaxy S unit. However, unlike earlier anticipated, Samsung Galaxy S 4G will not run on Android 2.3. Instead, it will be a FroYo Android 2.2 device. That should be disappointing. But in any case you are wondering about launch dates and data plans (that is expected to start at $10 a month), keep checking back for more information.

Samsung Vibrant 4G On T-Mobile In The Works?

Is Samsung working on a new Vibrant 4G model that it could launch on the T-Mobile network? According to rumors, it is. Sources close to Samsung have revealed that the new Samsung Vibrant 4G with a 4″ Super-AMOLED display would run on T-Mobile’s 21Mbps HSPA+ network that will offer 4G-like wireless internet speeds.

But what’s most interesting is that the source claims the Vibrant 4G to come installed with the new Android 2.3. A screenshot of Samsung Vibrant 4G with stock Gingerbread has been leaked although there are doubts over the veracity of these leaks. Some eagle-eyed observers point out that the demonstrated Android 2.3 lock page is slightly different from the native look.

Samsung Vibrant 4G

In any case, the source points out that Samsung is working on a new TouchWiz UI that will be compatible with Android 2.3. We could be seeing this interface on the Vibrant 4G whenever it is launched in the markets.

T-Mobile UK Mobile Internet Fair Usage Policy Revised

T-Mobile UK has made a significant change to their mobile internet policy that will affect the way their customers will use their mobile bandwidth. The carrier has announced that starting February 1, 2011, the fair use policy will entail only 500MB of data consumption to each subscriber.

The policy is targeted at users who consume a lot of videos over their smartphones. In a blunt statement to customers who may be annoyed by the latest policy change, T-Mobile UK has said,

“If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband.”

T-Mobile’s new policy would mean that users who like to browse news, surf the web, check emails and Facebook updates may still be largely unaffected. However, users who also watch a lot of videos may find themselves quickly breaching the fair usage limits.

This massive drop from 3GB to 500MB is sure to come as shock to many of the carrier’s subscribers. Are you one of them? Tell us what you think of this new policy change in the comments below.

T-Mobile Christmas Discounts – Price Of Samsung Vibrant & Galaxy Tab To Drop

Are you looking to buy an Android gadget for this holiday? You may want to check out this upcoming promotion offer from T-Mobile. The carrier is learned to prepping up for an announcement that will bring down the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Vibrant by as much as $50. This will mean that the base model of Galaxy Tab will now be available at $349.99 instead of the original $399.99. As for Samsung Vibrant, it is now expected to be available at $149.99 instead of the original $199.99. Both the offers are noted to be offered via a mail-in rebate.

Incidentally, there is also a buy-one, get-one-free promotion that is now on at T-Mobile which is expected to last until January 18th. Now, combine these two promotions and it’s going to be great savings this shopping season.

Buying iPad In UK Becomes More Subsidized & Affordable

Apple iPad in the UK has gotten a lot more affordable. Orange, Three UK and T-Mobile each have announced a slew of new pricing options as well as contract plans that brings the iPad closer to affordability.

This pricing war was set in motion last month by Orange who announced that their iPad 3G-enabled models will now available at a price between £199 and £349. These customers also get some affordable data plans. Close on the heels of this announcement, T-Mobile has announced a plan similar to Orange, except that there is no Wi-Fi hotspot access that is available with the latter.

It is worth noting that both T-Mobile UK and Orange are now part of the same group. Three UK customers have been offered a new data plan that will give them 15GB of data at just £25 per month. Of course, all these plans are available only with new two year contracts.

T-Mobile Tethering Data Plan Launches Tomorrow

If you are a T-Mobile subscriber in the United States who does not yet own one of those tethering-supported handsets like G2 and myTouch, then get ready to experience this new feature starting tomorrow – November 14. T-Mobile’s new tethering data plan that will available to subscribers of the $29.99 a month Web-Unlimited data plan can be availed at a price of $14.99 a month. That’s a steep fee considering that the same functionality is available for free on the newer handsets. Nevertheless, if you should have this functionality enabled, you at least have an option now.

Besides tethering, T-Mobile is also noted to be launching two new data plans starting tomorrow. These Even More plans will be bringing a 1500 and 3000 minute voice calling plan at a monthly cost of $79.99 and $149.99 respectively. Both these plans include unlimited texting and data messaging.

Root myTouch 4G Permanently Using VISIONary

It was only yesterday that we wrote about a permanent rooting solution for T-Mobile G2 that was built with the already known VISIONary application. Now thanks to that, we now have a permanent root for T-Mobile myTouch 4G as well. Credit once again to the folks at XDA.

The procedure is not too different from what we saw for the G2 and you can check out the complete step-by-step instructions here. What this root means is that we are not very far away from having custom ROM builds releasing for myTouch. But having said that, please also note that the usual disclaimers apply here. More so, because this is a new root and there is a lot of chance for things to go wrong. That could mean, one misstep and your phone could be bricked. So proceed to the link above at your own risk.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab – Pricing Details & Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available for purchase in the United States and T-Mobile has become the first carrier in the country to bring the highly anticipated Android tablet to consumers. According to an announcement from the company, the device shall be selling at a price of $399.99 along with a new two year T-Mobile contract. Those of you who do not want to be bound by contract may pick up the device at $599.99 instead. These details are a minor deviation from our earlier speculation that the Galaxy Tab will launch on T-Mobile at $349 subsidized and $649 unsubsidized.

There are two data packages to pick from. Users may either go with a 200MB per month data connection that is available for $24.99 or may pay $39.99 for a 5GB connection. Both the plans will come with free SMS and MMS facilities. You should be aware that the Galaxy Tab units in US shall not be enabled with voice calling. You can check out the device at the T-Mobile store here.