Get TiVo Premiere For Free With New Monthly Fee

Planning to get a TiVo Premiere for home? You can now get the basic hardware for free if you are willing to go on a contractual obligation for two months. According to the new plans announced by the company, the TiVo Premiere hardware can be acquired for “free” by signing up for a two year agreement that will entail you to spend $20 a month as monthly fee. Alternately, you can also pick up the device for $99 in case you feel a two year commitment is too long. In that case, the agreement is for one year. The third alternative is to pay up $299.99 upfront and pay $12.95 a month.

There are also similar plans in the offing for other products. TiVo Premiere XL is now available with a one-year contract where you can pick up the device for $299.99 and pay $19.99 monthly or $499.99 at a monthly fee of $12.95.

You can check out more details about the new plans and also choose to buy an offering from the TiVo website here.

Non-DVR TiVo Insignia HDTV On Best Buy

If you thought TiVo was synonymous with DVR, you must probably think again. Best Buy has announced a new partnership with TiVo that will put a non-DVR enabled TiVo software on to the new Insignia HDTVs. There is no word on when the device would launch.

So why the deal? Apparently, the partnership will ensure that users may be able to access online content on their television without the need for a separate TiVo box. A DVR functionality may have been extra-appreciated but it is possible that Best Buy is looking at keeping the price low for this edition. It is possible that DVR functionalities may be offered at a later stage though nothing has been confirmed on that aspect.

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TiVo Premiere XL To Bring Facebook And Twitter Feeds To TV

Popular DVR company TiVo launched its new TiVo Premier and TiVo Premiere XL boxes yesterday that will bring a whole lot of new features to your television. Prominently, the integration between web and TV content is even higher with these new products.

However, one of the important introductions yet to be made on TiVo Premiere is its integration to Facebook and Twitter. In a recent interview with ZDNet, TiVo’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy Naveen Chopra indicated that integration with these social networking websites will be the next in line for the company’s strategy. TiVo has already partnered with FrameChannel in this regard. Talking of the partnership, Chopra says,

“It’s a company that allows us to provide some new interactive and social media functionality on the TV set, most notably to people’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. It’s a great example of how people will use Facebook on the television set differently than they’d use it on the PC. we haven’t announced [the date], but we update fairly frequently. What is available now is Pandora, which means you can set it up on your TV in the living room, sit back and listen to music Pandora has chosen for you.”

Social networkers rejoice

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TiVo With Full HD Support Coming Soon

You could soon be laying hands on a TiVo with full HD support. This is being reported by CrunchGear who quote reliable sources as writing to them of this possibility. According to these sources

The most important: a move to full HD menus, improved search, and the phasing out of Series 2 hardware… [A]side from minor add-ons like Blockbuster support the old UI and OS will be replaced by a fully HD version, available at first on Series 3 hardware.

This is not the only speculation surrounding the future offerings up the sleeve for TiVo. Late last year, we also heard rumors about the introduction of a TiVo Premiere edition that could come with ATSC and cable card support.

All of this have strictly been rumors so far with nothing confirmed from the company. We will keep you updated with more as and when we hear them.

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