Elonex 710EB eReader Launch Date Announced

Remember the Elonex 710EB eReader that we had discussed earlier this week. The 7-inches display tablet reader comes with a LED backlit TFT color touch screen, ARM processor and a battery life of 7 hours. We are yet to hear the complete technical specifications list, but from what is known, the device will not be cheap.

We learn that the eReader will be priced around $184. That’s a tad lower than the £139.99 that was rumored earlier this week for Elonex 710EB. Nevertheless, these prices are not standard as the device is expected to be priced differently in the various markets.

It is also being learned that the eReader tablet shall be launching in August this year. Still, there is no word on the exact date, but given that August is just half-a-month away, I think it is not going to be too long a wait. In Steve Jobs’ immortal words, the wait “is not too big of a deal“.

Archos 5 64GB Tablet PC Now On Sale

Archos 5 Tablet PCArchos may not be on the same league as the Apple iPad. But it sure is a great tablet PC that has its own set of fans and followers. Now, if you have been looking to purchase one of these tablet devices for yourselves, you had to settle with just a 32GB storage. That was until now.

Archos has announced that their new 64GB Archos 5 Tablet is now available for purchase. But before you get excited, do note that this device is at present only available in the France market and will take some more time before it hits the US and other major markets in the world.

Of course, there are other versions with higher capacity of up to 500GB as well. But these tablets come with an old fashioned hard drive and so I would rather suggest you wait.

The 64GB Archos 5 Tablet is priced at a competitive €399.98. It is to be seen how well this new edition is received in the market.

Velocity Micro Cruz Reader Review Of Tech Specs, Price & Launch Date

It’s been a long time since we talked about the Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet. Now we have also learned about the new Micro Cruz Reader. Technical specifications for the device includes a 7-inches TFT display with 800×600 resolution, premium resistive touchscreen, 256MB RAM anda storage of 256MB that is expandable up to 2GB.

Other standard connecitivity features like Wi-Fi b/g are available. The manufacturers claim a battery life of 6+ hours. Like we had mentioned in our article on the Velocity Micro Cruz tablet, the Reader shall be priced at $199.99. According to a recent announcement, the Reader is launching in August of this year. However, if you are looking for the Micro Cruz tablet, you may have to wait until September.

The two devices are different on more than one front. The Tablet will come with a 512MB RAM, 4GB storage that is expandable up to 8GB and a capacitive touch screen. The Tablet will be $100 more than the Micro Cruz Reader at $299.99.

Blackberry Tablet PC Specs Review

Speculations over a Blackberry Tablet PC have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. These speculations have got an extra bit of spice with recent statements from Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar. In a recent note to investors, Kumar has predicted that the Blackberry Tablet shall be a 7-inches touchscreen display device that wil come with two cameras on the front and rear side to assist in video conferencing.

Kumar also makes a few other interesting notes about the Blackberry Tablet. According to him, the tablet PC shall be equipped with a 1GHz Marvell processor that will also run 1080p HD video playback and 3D graphics.

Of course, these notes have been picked up using information offered by third party sources including OEM suppliers and hence this has to be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, these rumors are interesting and we will have to wait and see what the RIM tablet actually looks like.

Elonex 710EB eReader Review Of Tech Specs & Price

Elonex have outed their latest tablet eReader that is now available on pre-order on Amazon. The new Elonex 710EB eReader comes with a 7-inches display that is built with LED backlit TFT color touchscreen. Unlike the traditional e-ink screen that is available on most conventional eReaders, the TFT screens will allow users to read ebooks with a much improved interface.

Speaking of other tech specs, there aren’t too many that we know currently except that the device is built with an ARM processor and has a battery that offers a reading life of close to 7 hours. That’s not much but shall be pretty handy for those looking for an eReader to keep you occupied on your daily commutation.

Elonex 710EB eReader connects via the Wi-Fi network and retails at a price of £139.99. Should you be interested, head over to Amazon.

ezGear Surfboard 700 Android Tablet Technical Specifications

If you have been surfing through websites for an Android tablet, here is one Surfboard you should mightily take note of. This is not the best of class, but then certianly offers some interesting features that should get a lot of people interested.

The ezGear Surfboard 700 is equipped with a 7-inches screen fitted with a 800×480 pixel touchscreen display. The tablet is also built with a 2-megapixel camera that is integrated with a mic. Standard connectivity features like Wi-Fi exist and users may choose to expand storage with microSD cards. The device is capable of 20 hours of music playback or 10 hours of video playback.

Pricing of the ezGear Surfboard 700 is presently unknown. But you can make a reservation so you would know the price as and when it is made public.

Asus Eee Pad With Detachable Keyboard To Rival Apple iPad

According to Jerry Shen, the CEO at Asus, the success of Apple iPad has encouraged many developers to take the touchscreen route to build applications for customers. However, there are several limitations with a compeletely touch screen device that Asustek will like to address.

In an interview with Polish publication RP, Shen has noted that the company will be launching a new series of Eee Pads with detachable keyboard that will not only serve as netbooks when required but can also be converted to touchscreen tablet PCs when the user needs it.

Shen has also insisted that the company is not focused only at Microsoft Windows and that Asus will also take a look at other platforms in the market while building their future gadgets.

Phecda P7 Android Tablet Review Of Technical Specifications & Price

For those of you in the far east looking to purchase an Android tablet, here is something you could look at. Phecda P7 is the latest Android tablet to hit the Chinese markets. The device comes with a decent 650MHz ARM11-based Telechips processor, 7-inches WVGA display with multi-touch capability, 256 MB RAM, 4GB internal memory and support for SD memory cards, USB ports and HDMI output. Let’s not talk about battery life as it is nothing exceptional at a mere 4 hours.

The Phecda P7 is powered by Android 2.1 and indications are that a Froyo update will be made available soon. However, considering the minimalistic specs, we wonder if the device will hold up to the higher processor requirements on the latest Android platform.

Phecda P7 is now available in China at a price of $220 and there is no word on when it will be made available elsewhere.

Russian RoverPad Android Tablet Features And Launch Date Unveiled

Russia based Rover computers has announced the launch of five new RoverPad tablet computers. Out of them, one of them is expected to run on Windows CE 6.0 while the rest will run on Android.

The tablets are pretty moderate on specifications. RoverPad Air G70 for instance, comes with a 7-inches resistive touchscreen, 667MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 4GB internal flash drive and other standard connectivity features. Likewise, RoverPad Go G50 is a 5-inches large Android tablet that will come with 128MB RAM, 2GB storage and other standard features.

However, most impressively, RoverPad TegA W70 has some interesting specifications. The tablet has a 7-inches large display, 4GB flash storage, 512MB RAM, capacitive touch screen and Android 2.1. But most notable is that it comes installed with NVIDIA’s Tegra graphics chip. So expect some really cool graphics processing on this tablet.

Unfortunately though, no word on price is available as yet. The RoverPad tablets are expected to hit the stores in October.

LG Android Tablet Launch In Q4 2010

Who doesn’t make tablets these days? Everyone does. LG too. The South Korean firm has confirmed its plans to be developing a tablet device that is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year – read the holiday season.

As for specs, we do not have one word about it, though LG has made it clear that the tablet will run on Google’s Android Operating System. The company has also assured that the features will be better than whatever is on offer in the market today. That’s evident given that we are still a few months away from launch and also because every company tells the same thing (Steve Jobs even called the iPhone 4 magical!)

While LG has not confirmed what version of Android, the LG tablet will run, we assume it to be the latest Android 2.2 aka Froyo. Nevertheless, LG will have its task cut out as it is launching months after other big names have already started releasing theirs. Also, will it launch outside the Far East? No word again on that.