Motorola Honeycomb Tablet Demoed – Launch Early 2011?

Andy Rubin, the VP of Engineering at Google unveiled the Android 2.3 and Nexus S yesterday. As part of his interaction, Rubin also briefly showcased yet another imminent release – a Motorola tablet running Honeycomb – the Android OS that will follow the newly launched Android 2.3 update.

While Rubin did not reveal too many details about the new product, we do know that this tablet computer will include a NVIDIA processor, a dual core 3D processor and video chatting capabilities (means a front facing camera as well). The device could measure anywhere between 7″ and 10″ though there is high chance that Motorola could opt for the higher end.

You can check out the demonstration below. Nothing is known about the launch of this device. However, we expect this to happen in the first quarter of 2011 at the least. That would bring another new Android OS to the already fragmented platform. That’s not a good thing, sadly.

New iPad 2 Release Date In January 2011?

A lot of rumors surrounding the next generation iPad have been doing the rounds over the past couple of weeks. The first rumor pegged the launch date for April 2011. A more recent speculation was on the features – a total of five new features including USB support and retina display is on the cards.

Now according to yet another unsubstantiated rumor, the new iPad 2 could be coming in January 2011. Now there is not too much juice behind this rumor; as was with the earlier rounds. But from what I see, if true, this could be a repeat of the launch plans with the original model where the device was unveiled in January and was launched in April this year.

But that sounds unlikely this time considering that Apple may not want to slow down the sale of the current model by announcing a new product so early. Nevertheless this is an interesting rumor that we would like to keep track of.

iPad On Three UK Launching In “Coming Months”

Apple and its Android rivals have been treading a slightly different strategy when it comes to its distribution strategies. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been made available on most of the carriers of note, Apple has made the iPad available quite selectively.

Now with competition heating up and the launch of iPad 2 a few months away, it looks like Apple would be expanding its distribution reach. UK carrier 3 has just revealed that the carrier would be stocking the original iPad on its stores in the “coming months“. The company has indicated that both the Wi-Fi only model as well as the 3G-enabled model shall be put on sale though the exact launch date has not been revealed.

This should be interesting given that iPad 2 is speculated to launch in April this year. That would mean news about the launch could be announced at least a month before – in March perhaps. Any launch of the original iPad on 3 after this would bring little to no sale since the customers would rather want to wait and buy the newer model. Makes you think an early February launch is possible.

Tablet Computer Market Research Shows Apple Brand Still On Top

The Samsung Galaxy Tab may not have created a dent large enough on Apple’s market share as yet. Also, with most of the other iPad rivals still being in a work-in-progress stage or in danger of becoming a vaporware, there is no doubt that the iPad is still THE tablet computer to go for. But a recent study by UK based VoucherCodes has revealed that Apple could be beaten in the tablet wars with the right branding and pricing of iPad rivals.

The study notes that despite the inane loathing reserved for Dell and RIM by geeks on tech forums, these devices continue to enjoy decent branding and trust among customers. An interesting revelation is with respect to the pricing though. The study shows that for a $160 saving, over a third of the market could move away from Apple iPad to rival devices – quite a lesson to learn for Samsung.

Check out this interesting infographic after the break. Continue reading “Tablet Computer Market Research Shows Apple Brand Still On Top”

Dell Streak Price In Canada Announced For Rogers

If you are in Canada, here is something coming your way. Rogers Canada has announced that the popular 5″ smartphone-tablet from Dell is now available for purchase on its stores.

Rogers has ensured that the device will be available for pretty much the same price as was anticipated. If you are willing to go with a contract, then a Streak can be yours for $149.99 – provided you sign up with the carrier for a three year period. Alternately, users looking for a contract-free offering can buy one at a price of $549.99. That’s not bad considering the specifications that are on offer.

Dell Streak is already available in countries like USA and UK. The company recently launched the device in India during the festive Diwali season. It will be interesting to see how the mini-tablet fares in the Canadian market.

Notion Ink Adam Price & Release Date Revealed?

Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink is quite candid in his blog posts. But we are yet to hear an official confirmation with respect to the launch date and price  of Adam even though the tentative dates and numbers have been doing the rounds. It is thus interesting that the Notion Ink design team has already released some interesting numbers to a potential customer. I for sure cannot guarantee the veracity of these numbers and dates, but this is what the Notion Ink team apparently said in an email response, (as an aside, click here to read through all the info and rumors we have about the Notion Ink Adam till now)

Dear Eli,

Greetings from Notion Ink!

We really appreciate your concern. We would like to inform you that, Adam will be launched in November 2010. It will be available for purchase in the U.S by December 2010 and in other countries by January 2011. You can purchase it online.

The cost of Adam will range from 399 USD to 499 USD depending on the variant you want to buy. There are four variants:
1. LCD with Wi-Fi only ($399),
2. LCD with Wi-Fi and 3G ($449),
3. PQ with Wi-Fi only ($449),
4. PQ with 3G and Wi-Fi ($498).

All have multi-touch facility. We would also suggest you go through our blog and website for all the details which are in the public domain. If you have any specific question we would be happy to reply.

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Design Labs

Sounds close enough to be true. What do you think about the prices?

HP Slate 500 Pricing Details Announced

HP Slate, the tablet computer from the company that was supposed to be the primary rival to the Apple iPad before that spot was taken away by the Samsung Galaxy Tab, appears to be well on course to be launched during the holiday shopping season. The company has announced that the initial launch of the new HP Slate 500 will happen in the United States and further expansion elsewhere will happen after the success of the device is measured.

Like we had already noted in the HP Slate Vs. Apple iPad article back in April this year, the device will come with an 8.9″ WVGA hybrid capacitive multitouch display, an Intel Atom 1.86GHz Z540 processor, a 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD, a 3-Megapixel rear camera along with a VGA front camera besides other specifications. The device will run on Windows 7.

Clearly, the device is not aimed at the media consuming population alone. The tablet computer will also come with a HP Slate digital pen, HP Slate Dock and HP Slate Portfolio that all seem to suggest that the company is targeting the media creators as well. With Windows 7 running, this is pretty much a productivity tool.

That utility is also clear in the pricing. HP Slate 500 is tagged at a price of $799 that includes the tablet and all the aforementioned accessories. No word on whether this device will come subsidized on carrier contracts. Also, wait for some more time before the official launch date is announced.

Meanwhile, this announcement also quashes one another rumor – that the HP Slate is going to be called PalmPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sprint – Price & Launch Date Revealed

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be more affordable than previously thought. Folks at Boy Genius Report have learned from sources in Sprint that the upcoming Android tablet device is going to be launched for a subsidized price of $399 – a good $100 less than the basic model of the iPad. What’s more, this subsidized tablet would come with an expected contract period of 2 years. In case you do not like this, you can also choose to buy an unsubsidized full price version for $599. We hear that the launch on Sprint is going to happen on November 14.

The pricing of the Samsung Tablet is pretty interesting. An unsubsidized price is a $100 above the cost of a Wi-Fi only iPad. On the other hand, at a 100 bucks lower than this price, you can get a tablet that is capable of working over both 3G and Wi-Fi. Obviously, the pricing is done in such a way that subscribers will feel obliged to choose a subsidized model with full functionalities that would eventually reap better revenues over a 2 year period.

But this pricing is still disappointing considering the more innovative structure adopted by O2 in Germany. There, the Tab itself was priced at a base price of €99 with a 24 month contract period where the subscriber paid €27.50 just for the possession of the device. While the subscriber definitely ends up paying a lot more, that’s definitely more affordable and a good way to take on competition from the iPad. What do you think?

Six New Augen GenTouch Tablets Unveiled

Following upon the not-so-successful launch of the Augen GenTouch 78 Android tablet, the company has unveiled six new models of GenTouch. The new models that are expected to launch by the end of this year will be available at a wide price-range of between $200 and $600. The newly announced models include three new brand names – Latte, Espresso and Firma. Augen GenTouch Latte is a 7″ resistive touchscreen device with 2GB storage and priced at $199.99 while Augen GenTouch Latte Grande is a device with more powerful features priced at $249.99.

Augen GenTouch Espresso is available in three models. The basic variant is a 7″ capacitive touchscreen device with 8GB storage and 1GHz A9 processor while Espresso Dolce and Espresso Doppio come with larger displays of 10.1″ and dual booting (in case of Doppio). These two devices are priced at $429.99 and $599.99 respectively.

The sixth model, the Augen GenTouch Firma is a 7″  resistive touchscreen device with a dual core processor running on Android 2.2 platform. The price of this model is not known yet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab On O2 Germany – Pricing Explained

We have been hearing a lot about the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in recent times. Most of that has however been about a lack in clarity regarding the actual price of the device. O2 Germany is one of the first companies to announce a comprehensive pricing scheme for the upcoming Tablet. Unlike most other contract plans, the O2 Germany plan distributes the cost of the tablet across a 24 month period so that the user will only pay a small amount every month.

This is how it works. Users buying a Galaxy Tab will have to pay an upfront fee of €99 to secure a device. This payment will also tie the user to a 24 month plan that will cost the user €27.50 every month. Interestingly though, this monthly fee does not offer any data plan in itself. Instead, this is merely for the possession of the device. The user will have to sign up for an additional data plan if they will also want to sign up for cellular data access.

The total cost at the end of 24 months turns out to be €759 ($1047). But at €27.50 a month, this is still a pretty affordable plan. And when you consider the economics of time value of money, you will concede that $1047 spread over 2 years is still lesser than a $500 price point that the user will need to pay upfront.

What do you think?