Acer Chrome OS Computers Launch Soon

Chrome OS, the web focused operating system for netbooks could be making its debut soon according to reports on VentureBeat. The website has heard from sources that Acer could be unveiling Chrome OS based devices during the Computex Taipei show that is to be held between the 1st and 5th of June this year.

It is not entirely clear what kind of devices could be up on display. While Chrome OS is built for netbooks, it can also be used on tablets and smartbooks – devices that run on ARM kind of processor infrastructure.

Also, how closer the device is to launch remains to be seen. TechCrunch points out that while Chrome OS is “coming along quickly“, it is not ready as yet.

Nevertheless, it just makes sense to hold on to another two weeks to hear from Acer about this.

[via TechCrunch]

Nokia Tablet Device In The Works?

Forget the demand for such a product, but every CEO and his mom now want to be in the tablet race now that such a category has become an official reality. According to Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, Nokia may be talking to suppliers and design manufacturers over an upcoming tablet device.

The idea is not exactly ridiculous. My personal opinion is that you do not need an extra device simply to “consume media“. However, now that several hundred thousand iPads are reportedly sold, it also means the consumers have been officially sold to the concept of a media consumption device. And considering that these are still early days for the segment, Nokia – even if it looks apparently late, can still have an early mover advantage depending on what features it brings to the tablet and how it is positioned.

But it also needs to be noted that Nokia has not had a killer product in quite some time. Maybe it’s time to turn the table(t)s.

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Samsung Tablet Launching Later This Year

Manufacturers jumping in on the tablet bandwagon is no longer news and it is a surprise that a popular manufacturer like Samsung didn’t have plans already. Anyway, we have now heard that the company is working on a tablet PC that will launch in the second half of this year.

This revelation was made by Philip Newton, the director of Samsung Australia’s IT division in a recent interview where he claimed that the tablet device will have “PC-grade processing power and connectivity” that will make up for the iPad’s shortcomings.

No information on the specs was given though.

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50 ARM Tablets Launching This Year

Close to 50 ARM based tablet devices could be launched through 2010. This was stated by Roy Chen, ARM’s ODM manager for worldwide mobile computing who says that enquiries over ARM technology for tablet devices from PC manufacturers is so intense that the company has had to rent additional floor space to show off the devices at CeBIT.

One caveat here: Not all enquiries translate into actual products. But truth is that PC and mobile manufacturers have realized the mistake in letting the iPhone have an early mover advantage in the smartphone segment and regardless of whether they see justice in serving a segment like tablet, companies are likely to launch few devices to gauge customer interest in the same.

What do you think?

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Sony Tablet To Take On Apple iPad?

Realizing that the iPhone and iPad have been implicitly chomping away at Sony’s market share in the portable game console market, the Japanese manufacturer is believed to be working on a smartphone and tablet device that will take on competition from Apple head on.

A recently published article on the Wall Street Journal claims that these new devices expected to launch later this year will be based on Sony’s new online media platform.  Incidentally, this new media platform, tentatively named Sony Online Service will be taking on Apple’s iTunes platform to distribute music, movies, TV shows and other forms of digital content.

The specifications and price of the smartphone and tablet devices are not known as yet, though it is believed to be taking off from where the Sony eReader left; selling close to one million units since launch.

[via WSJ]

Coming Soon : Symbian Tablets!

Moving into 2010, the New York Times proudly proclaimed the new year to be the year of Tablets. From what we have seen in the past few weeks, that certainly seems to be happening.

After Apple announced its iPad, we heard rumors that Google was following suit. And now in a recent chat with ZDNet, Symbian Foundation chief Lee Williams explicitly indicated that a Symbian platform based tablets are in the works. Here is what he said

“It’s very likely that, in the next year or two, you would see such a product hit the marketplace. A lot of companies are experimenting with PDA-tablet-style form factors, also for stereo systems, and internet-connected devices running low power on primarily ARM architecture — we do get occasional interest for a few of those.”

Lee Williams further talked about making the Symbian platform open to any platform that wants to work with it. He described the foundation’s Wild Ducks project as something that will help any off-the-shelf hardware to interact with their platform.

It was only a few weeks back that people were debating on the need for a Tablet-like device. Now, with so many companies jumping in, this has been one instance where the product demand is being forcefully pushed up.

[via ZDNet]

Google Tablet : Does This Look Better Than The iPad?

Till late last year, the tablet was just a concept – a futuristic device that had been in the making for more than a decade. But in just a span of few months, things have changed. Not only did Apple demo the iPad, but there are also rumors that Google is now looking to launch their own tablet device.

Last week we had written about the likelihood of the Chrome OS supporting touch based technology. Now there are more indications of the Chrome OS being used in an iPad-like Tablet.

Concept video and pictures posted on the Chromium developers website (The Chrome open source project) give us an indication of what the Google tablet could look like. Check it out below

TechCrunch offers more insights about the device. According to their sources, there is more than one Chrome OS based tablet in the making. However, like with the Nexus One, only one of the tablet will be officially declared a Google Tablet while the rest will run on the Chrome OS and be branded with the respective manufacturers’ logo.

With a lot of these devices expected to be out by the end of the year, do you see the laptop market in danger? What are your thoughts on this?

[via Chrome Dev, TechCrunch]