Sylvania eReader Price And Features Reviewed

CVS is reported to be getting some cheap netbooks and eReaders from Sylvania this fall. The Sylvania eReader is reported to be priced at $180 and is expected to feature a 7-inches color LCD screen, a 512MB memory that will hold close to 350 ebooks and contains an 8GB SD card expansion slot.

The eReader is also noted to come with a full keyboard and will come pre-loaded with 150 ebooks. Sounds nice, but considering this one offers internet access only via wireless, I am finding it hard to pick this over Amazon’s $149 wireless Kindle.

Also, the device is not launching now. The marketing material hints at an “Early Chrismas” season which would not mean anything before the onset of the holiday shopping season and that would make a $180 price point a really hard bargain.

What do you think?