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Next Generation iPad Display May Not Feature AMOLED

There is no rumor to quash here. We knew all along that the iPad 2 display may not be too different from what we see in the current version. More optimistically, we had people speculating a retina display on the new iPad.

However, if you were one of those hoping for an AMOLED display on the new iPad, there is confirmation that Apple shall not be having them on the next generation tablet. Why? Because the company is learned to have placed orders for back light units that will be used with LCD panels on the iPad 2. AMOLED displays typically work without back lights and the latest news would put to rest all speculations that the displays could be AMOLED.

If you are a fan of AMOLED, or rather Super AMOLED displays, then hold back for the next generation Galaxy Tab from Samsung. It should be coming with a 1200×600 pixel Super AMOLED display.

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Windows Phone 7 Video Demo : Samsung Omnia 7 Vs. HTC HD 7 Vs. HTC 7 Mozart

Looking to check out some really cool Windows Phone 7 goods? Folks at Engadget have got us a couple of really cool video demonstrations comparing three WP7 handsetst that have gotten some rave reviews. Not all these phones are available in all parts of the world. But if you had any doubts about how good the Windows Phone 7 handsets shall perform against one another, here are the videos.

As the Engadget report points out, the Super AMOLED display of the new Samsung Omnia 7 really sets up a display that is extremely good compared to the other displays. The report ranks the Omnia 7 on top followed by 7 Mozart thus pushing the HD 7 to the last place.

Check out the videos above and let us know what you think of these Windows Phone handsets. Which is the best of the lot in your opinion? Write to us in the comments below.

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Samsung Galaxy S & Wave Production Halted?

This is pure rumor and even I’m not buying this without more confirmation, but according to some reports, Samsung may have halted the production of its Samsung Galaxy S and Wave handsets due to an acute shortage in supply of Super AMOLED displays. This is ironical considering that the Korea based company is the world’s largest manufacturer of Super AMOLED screens. But reports suggest that Samsung may have already committed a significant chunk of 2011 production to Apple for their iDevices and may consequently be feeling the brunt of short production at home.

This is not very likely considering that this could be a cannibalization of their own handsets. However, speculations are that Apple may have chosen to buy these displays for their devices at a premium that certain divisions of Samsung may have found to be a more attractive proposition.

Are you buying this?

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Samsung Galaxy Tab To Feature Super TFT Display

A lot of people anticipated the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab to feature a Super AMOLED display in the run up to its official announcement. Though this was a pretty remote possibility considering the extremely high costs involved, the company’s announcement that the device will not feature a Super AMOLED display has come as a disappointment to many. However, according to Samsung executives, while the tablet may not feature Super AMOLED, the technology is still close. In a statement, they have noted that the upcoming Android tablet computer will come equipped with a Super TFT display that has been built alongside Super AMOLED to offer better battery performance and a savings in cost.

Is this merely a marketing gimmick? Is Super TFT really something new? We’ll not know. Nevertheless, we do hope the new tablet computer will have something exciting in store for us.


LCD Vs. AMOLED Vs. Super AMOLED Sunlight Test

Sometimes display technologies can be quite overwhelming for regular users who do not actually care about whether the display is LCD, AMOLED or Super AMOLED. However, each of these different technologies do perform differently and it makes sense to offer a look into their performance before deciding upon the phone of your choice.

Folks at TechBlog give us an excellent demo of how these three display technologies fare under bright sunlight. As you can watch from this long video below, there is little to choose from since none of the three screens are explicitly better. Nevertheless, the LCD on Nokia Xperia X10 appears to be marginally better than the Super AMOLED screen on Samsung Galaxy S which is in turn better than the AMOLED screen on HTC Desire.

What are your views? Watch the video and tell in the comments.

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