Bloodline Champions Beta Available For Testing.

Bloodline Champions, the online battle arena game developed by Funcom, is now open for beta testing. This game is very similar to Diablo PVP except that it does not need to level a character, choose their skills and equipment. From what we know, the game tests the players’ skill in the way they deploy stuns, knock-backs, the way they treat group members, aim spells etc. The objective of the game is to ensure that they player stays alive till the end and at the same time crushes their opponents to death.

Participating in this testing event will give testers an early look about what this game is all about along with some pre-launch rewards including an addition of four new Bloodlines to the game. You can also accumulate “blood coins” during this testing so that you can spend it on game items and earn more bloodlines. The name “Bloodlines” has been used in by the company to portray different characters in the game from the typical warrior, mage, archer and rogue archetypes along with combinations that create a humongous number of crossbreeds.

This game is free to play and is aimed for a mid-January release. You can checkout the beta test version by clicking here.