Blackberry Oxford On Sprint – Price & Launch Details Revealed

Research In Motion appears to be getting ready for yet another Blackberry launch; this time with Sprint. A Blackberry clamshell, earlier termed Style, and now starting to be called the Oxford appears to be all set to launch on Sprint later this month. The new Blackberry Oxford will run on Blackberry OS 6, include a 5-Megapixel camera and will have a full QWERTY keyboard with a track-pad interface.

From what we hear, this new Blackberry Oxford should go on sale starting the 31st of October at a price of $99.99 – that’s after all those mail-in rebates and signing of two year contracts. If you are instead looking for an unsubsidized price, then you can go for it at a price of $399.99.

The device is expected to come in grey during launch though a purple variant is expected to be available later on.

Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sprint – Price & Launch Date Revealed

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be more affordable than previously thought. Folks at Boy Genius Report have learned from sources in Sprint that the upcoming Android tablet device is going to be launched for a subsidized price of $399 – a good $100 less than the basic model of the iPad. What’s more, this subsidized tablet would come with an expected contract period of 2 years. In case you do not like this, you can also choose to buy an unsubsidized full price version for $599. We hear that the launch on Sprint is going to happen on November 14.

The pricing of the Samsung Tablet is pretty interesting. An unsubsidized price is a $100 above the cost of a Wi-Fi only iPad. On the other hand, at a 100 bucks lower than this price, you can get a tablet that is capable of working over both 3G and Wi-Fi. Obviously, the pricing is done in such a way that subscribers will feel obliged to choose a subsidized model with full functionalities that would eventually reap better revenues over a 2 year period.

But this pricing is still disappointing considering the more innovative structure adopted by O2 in Germany. There, the Tab itself was priced at a base price of €99 with a 24 month contract period where the subscriber paid €27.50 just for the possession of the device. While the subscriber definitely ends up paying a lot more, that’s definitely more affordable and a good way to take on competition from the iPad. What do you think?

Sprint 4G Network In New York City & Los Angeles Soon?

ClearWire has opened up its 4G network connectivity in New York City and Los Angeles to select early adopters offering them a dual-mode 3G/4G network service. The 4G service, though it is not fully built, will be available to these early birds at a price of $35 for the initial two months that shall then be raised to $55 per month thereafter. While ClearWire has not indicated when the service is expected to be made publicly available, expect this to happen very soon.

Now, this also means Sprint 4G in NYC and LA should be coming soon. Sprint has been piggybacking on the ClearWire network for its 4G services and has traditionally opened up to 4G services a couple of months after ClearWire launches its own 4G network.

The news also corroborates to a report from earlier this year when we had written about Sprint testing out its WiMAX services in several areas of New York City and San Francisco. Many of the readers too had commented back then about having seen faster download speeds in certain areas. Now how long before this is made available for public consumption!

Sprint To Launch Samsung Galaxy Tab In USA In November?

The blogosphere is yet to stop raving about the new Samsung Galaxy Tab that was unveiled in Berlin earlier this week. The 7″ display tablet computer will run on Android 2.2 and will come with two cameras, a 1GHz processor and a 512MB RAM. Samsung has not confirmed the pricing nor launch details though it is learned that the launch will happen in Europe in the next few weeks.

Now, Boy Genius Report has revealed that the device’s launch in USA could happen in November. Further, this is going to be a CDMA device and shall be carried by Sprint – the 4G network carrier that presently offers network to several popular Android smartphones like the EVO 4G and Epic 4G. Incidentally, the BGR report also notes that the Galaxy Tab could support both 3G and 4G networks.

Samsung Epic 4G Vs. HTC EVO 4G – Official Sprint Comparison Review Video

There are two high profile 4G capable Android handsets from Sprint this season, the HTC EVO 4G and the upcoming Samsung Epic. Of course, considering the rate at which new Android handsets are being churned out, EVO 4G is not as “new” as the Epic is. And consequently, Sprint would not want to glorify a device that is already out in the market and ruin the market for an upcoming Sprint phone.

For instance, the new Epic 4G comes with a 5-megapixel camera whereas EVO has an 8-megapixel unit. Also, the EVO has a marginally larger display. Nevertheless, the Samsung Epic does come with some interesting features of its own. Firstly, the display is 4-inches of Super AMOLED goodness. Also, users uncomfortable with a virtual keyboard can instead use the slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard. But most importantly, Samsung Epic allows you to stream content from your phone to any DLNA certified device wirelessly. EVO on the other hand requires a wired HDMI output.

It is not surprising that Sprint has spoken mainly about the positive aspects of the upcoming Samsung Android handset. But I believe EVO will continue to give Epic a good competition thanks to some amazing features. Check out the Sprint video below.

Sprint Motorola i1 Price And Contract Subsidy Announced

It’s been a long time since I wrote about the 3.1-inches Android handset from Motorola – the i1. Last time, I wrote about it, the device was just being announced on SoutherLINC Wireless at a price of $199.99 with a two year contract and otherwise at $274.99 without contract.

Now, we have heard that the device is being launched on Sprint as well. Well, quite evidently, the features have not changed. It’s still the Android 1.5 handset that comes packed with a 16GB microSD card and several other standard features. However, the recently announced prices are a bit different. Now, Sprint users can pick one device from the website at a price of $349.99 without contract. With a two year contract though, you can manage to secure a device at $150 after an instant rebate.

Want to check out the device before ordering? No problem. Wait until August 8 when the device will hit the Sprint stores.

Sprint Epic 4G Technical Specifications Revealed

So finally we have a spec sheet that comprehensively details the features that are to be seen on the upcoming Samsung Epic 4G phone on Sprint. The leaked document reveals the presence of some really interesting features that could make the Sprint Epic 4G as big as a hit as the currently hot Galaxy S.

Here is a lowdown on the specs. Primarily, the device will come with a 4-inches Super AMOLED capacitive display screen, a 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor and an internal memory offering 1GB ROM space and 512MB RAM. Other specifications include a 5-Megapixel camera with autofocus and LED Flash. The camera can also offer 720p HD video recording. A front facing VGA camera is also on offer.

The device is expected to run on Android 2.1 and will come with all standard connectivity features including Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi b/g/n and GPS.

Samsung Epic 4G

How Many HTC EVO 4G Units Sold Till Now?

300,000 – That’s the number according to a recent report by analysts at the Macquarie group. Despite it being several weeks since the phone launched in the market, the demand for the phone is learned to be soaring still. However, that may still not be happy news for Sprint as the carrier struggles to keep its supplies high enough to meet the demand. The culprit in this case appears to be Samsung.

Samsung Electronics is the manufacturer of OEM components to HTC and the Korean manufacturer is learned to be way behind deadlines when it comes to supply of their components –  the AMOLED screens as well as the 4.3-inches LCD touchscreen.

Thanks to the supplies woes, it is learned that the proliferation of Android handsets in the US is being severely affected. Google is currently shipping 160,000 Android handsets in a day. But this number could be much higher with popular handsets like EVO 4G enjoying better supply chain.

Samsung Vibrant Vs. Samsung Epic 4G – Which One To Go For?

Samsung has announced the launch of two new smartphones in the American markets – the Vibrant and Epic 4G. Both of them are incredible good with great features. Here are some common features on both these devices

Platform : Android 2.1
Display : 4-inch Super AMOLED screen
Processor : Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird Application Processor
Camera : 5-Megapixel camera
Memory : 1GB ROM and 512MB RAM
Storage : Up to 32 GB microSD support

As you see, the specifications are more or less the same. So, what’s changed? Well, the only significant difference between the two devices is the presence of a physical QWERTY keyboard on the Samsung Epic 4G. This is now the only QWERTY-keyboard handset in the market that supports a 4G network.

Both the devices should be launching shortly. Samsung Vibrant is expected to be launched on T-Mobile on July 21 at a price of $199.99. Samsung Epic 4G shall be launching shortly on Sprint.

Sprint 4G WiMAX In New York And San Francisco?

Reports are coming in that Sprint may be testing their 4G WiMAX signals in the heavily populated areas of New York and San Francisco. An official annoucement over this is expected very soon. Engadget has noted that their testing of HTC EVO 4G showed intermittent connectivity to Sprint’s WiMAX. Also, several users have reported having seen download speeds of up to 5Mbps on their networks.

The news is not entirely surprising. New York and San Francisco are among the cities with the highest density of smartphones in the world and the high data consumption levels from these regions has virtually suffocated the bandwidth of the networks operating here. Consequently, Sprint’s announcement of 4G connectivity in these regions was quite anticipated.

Are you from one of these regions? Do you see 4G on your Sprint network? Tip us in the comments.

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